Friday, July 17, 2009

Fave Five

Take a minute to check out
Susanne, at Living to tell the Story
She has inspired us to simply share five highlights of the week.
It's so much fun to reflect on those special moments.

#1. First Dig
After this little man helped me plant the potatoes earlier in spring,
there was nothing more gratifying than digging them
together and enjoying a feast of fresh potatoes.

#2. Fresh Radishes!
Yummy ! What a highlight to go to the garden.
It's fun to have fresh vegetables right at my finger tips.

#3. A Bowl of Fresh Lettuce.
Watch for a simple recipe coming up on Monday, July 20th.
So tasty and delicious.

#4. Building his First Go-Cart!!
Learning to recycle all the materials,
that he could find in his Opa's shop.
And of course you can see that it is motor-operated.
I wonder whose having more fun?

#5. Enjoying the Back yard.
It's been a hot sunny week,
More to come and we love to sit outside on our
backyard with family and friends.
That reminds me...
I better get some baking done for the weekend.

Hope you have all had a relaxing week.
Join in the fun and share your highlights.


  1. Gardens, grands and a great backyard...what could be better than that? I thought for a menet you had a pool in your backyard...just an optical illusion!

  2. I love the backyard view. And fresh food is indeed the best!

  3. Maybe it is a pool. Is this an illusion or is this for real?

  4. AnonymousJuly 17, 2009

    Wow! My intitial reaction was - they've been landscaping and dug in a big pond! So now you have lakeside property?! Dairymary

  5. The garden looks wonderful.

  6. Oh Marg.. . .your "pond" is perfectly smooth .. .and crystal clear.. .smile.
    Oh the go cart is priceless.
    Next year I'm putting in a garden. . .it's time to teach the farm hand how to grow something in the ground. .there are two kinds of farming. . more than just eya eya.
    Oh so sad that Judy can't have my word verification. . it was juditu

  7. This was so fun. I know my husband would have been having just as much fun as that little cutie.

    It looks so beautiful there.

  8. Great FFFs this week, again, Marg. Your Farmhand is obviously very proud of himself. And the fresh food from your garden sounds yummy!

  9. Your radishes look so perfect! I like your friday fave five's!

  10. AnonymousJuly 17, 2009

    What a back yard I tell ya. Any vegetable is great and those are great pictures. Love the go cart. How fun. My Grandfather use to do that with us :) So fun. Aloha and have a great weekend :)

  11. Marg! What a fabulous fave five! Is it too much to say every week how much I love the setting you live in?! It looks like you take advantage of it well. Love the go-cart! Blessings...

  12. Wonderful things to be thankful for Marg! Fresh vegetables are the best and what a fun go-cart!

  13. Do you really have a lake behind your house? Goreous pictures, Mar, makes me want to plant a garden - maybe next year!

  14. I loved three cups of tea. It was really good. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  15. enjoyed the visit here this evening .. cheers :)

  16. What wonderful things you are teaching your son,

    I love fresh lettuce but have never tried to grow it myelf. Sounds like a good week.

  17. I love the pic of your grandson in the cart with the tractor. So cute.

    Those first fresh fruits of your labor are always the tastiest.

    What a beautiful yard you have!

  18. The go-cart picture was just priceless. I'll bet the two of them have so much fun together!

  19. I love tiny new potatoes fresh from the garden. Years ago, we moved into a new (to us) house and my sister and I started turning over the dirt in the garden. In each forkful were tiny new potatoes which we cooked and tossed with butter and parsley...they were delicious.

  20. I always enjoy reading your fave fives - you understand that the 'little' things in life often are the big things. There is nothing quite like fresh veggies handpicked from the garden. And his first go-cart - priceless! Hope your weekend was fabulous!

  21. Sorry, I'm late getting by your blog for FFF (it's almost time for another one!) but I didn't want the week to go by without visiting.

    I love your FFF pics! Especially the cute one of the little man helping you dig potatoes, and the last one of your backyard! If I had a backyard like that, I'd never leave!


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