Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day

Once more we proudly celebrate Canada Day!
Canada Day is celebrating 142 years of Canadian Heritage.
This year as we celebrate 142 years of Confederation,
we are also proud to celebrate Canada's hosting of the
2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Check the side bar to see how many days are left.

And how are we going to celebrate today?

Planning has been going on for awhile....
We have invited family and friends.
We will be hosting the Pre-Olympic Games.
My family has always been very competitive,
and so today we will divide into two teams
"Canada East versus Canada West"
We have a variety of skilled games planned for this event.
We will all be wearing our patriotic colors.
As usual, no Olympic event can be held with out the
100 Yard Dash
It's been officially measured.

Finger Jello
Face Painting
RollKuchen And Watermelon
BBQ Hamburgers & Hotdogs
Canada Cake
Raising of the Flag Ceremony ~ Chilliwack's Mayor
Fireworks ~ Downtown

The decorations and details are finalized.
So proud to be a Canadian!
Why don't we all join in and Celebrate Canada, EH?


  1. Now that sounds like a whole lot of fun to me. Go 'Team Canada'!

    Here's my question...should I be cheering for 'Canada East'...or 'Canada West'? I am by nature a westerner. I'm thinking I might need to cheer for an 'old friend'...who still likes sprinting.

    Happy Canada Day!

  2. It all sound wonderful. I'll take turns, and cheer for both teams. ;-)

    You live in a country of which to be proud. I am proud to have you as our neighbors, and I hope to one day be able to visit.

  3. Marg. . .you are amazing. . .and yes, I can see that you enjoy competition. . .
    Let the games begin!!

  4. AnonymousJuly 01, 2009

    Wow, it sounds like a lot of patriotic fun happening in your part of town! Have fun! I'll be thinking of you, as we'll be making hay, while the sun shines. Dairymary

  5. oh man, that sounds like way to much fun,
    I wish I could be a fly on the wall...oh, better not wish that, you'd swat me. ;^}
    have great fun with your family and friends.

  6. Looks like fun, EH? Enjoy your Canada Day!

  7. QUITE a party, eh?

    I love the idea of pre-olympic games. How about a round of "Pin the Maple Leaf on the Tree" for the wee ones?

    If I wasn't at work...and about a ten hour drive from you....I think I'd take off and try to crash your party!

  8. Pin the Maple Leaf on the Tree or Pin the Maple Leaf on the Flag

    Just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey:

    Blindfold a person, spin them around, hand them a cut out maple leaf with a piece of double sided tape on one side or a pin in it, and point them to the picture of the tree or flag.

    They pin it on where they think it should go. The person who gets the closest to pinning it on in the right spot wins.

    Lots of variations on the game: Pin the bouquet on the bride, candles on the cake etc etc...

    Good for little one and those not athletically gifted!

  9. Happy Canada Day Marg! Canada is one of my favorite places to visit --I've seen quite a bit of the eastern provinces and someday I hope to visit the western provinces.

    Enjoy your special celebrations --they sound like a lot fun! :-)

  10. AnonymousJuly 01, 2009

    Who to root for West or East that is the question :) I vote for both :)

    Happy Canada Day :)

  11. Good Morning, Marg - are you still alive? Sounds like you would have had the perfect day, but the day after is good too - when it's been a lot of work preparing.


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