Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where Should I Start?

So much to do!
Where should I start?

Jet Lag!







Organizing Events!

Company's Coming!

Catching UP!

Crashing Camera!

Have a good day everyone as I sit and wonder
which end is up or down.


  1. I hear you Marg...
    I may not have jet lag....but indeed I don't know if I am coming or going.
    Would love to crash in BC if I had my druthers....not literally since I would likely be flying....:^{
    oh well for now, i will carry on.
    have fun with that company. Hope some of those ideas we shared work for you.

  2. So...have you got someone camping on your front lawn? Cute pic.

    I'm not even coming ro going...and still wonder where to start! Have a fun day.

  3. Oh girl welcome home. Oh I am so sad for you about your camera! I can't even imagine losing all those photos. The guy at costco told me there's a way to retrieve photos off a memory card even if you delete them?? Can that be true? Anyway I hope both feet get settled on your Canadian ground soon and you find your groove :0)

  4. Marg . .I totally feel for you .. even a small trek down the province leaves me feeling like a need at least a bit of time to gather my bearings. . so I suspect you'll need a few weeks for sure.

    Nothing will run away ..

  5. One step at a time, and priorities count, Marg! I hope you will be ablw to revive your camera and save your photos!

  6. I hope it was all worth it, though! And I really hope someone can still retrieve those pics if there is a chance?

  7. Maybe a nap? :)

    I like Elizabeth Elliot's saying "Just do the next thing" and the Flylady's quote "You can do anything for 15 minutes" helps to get me started on something I just don't want to do!

    And, if you don't get it all done? then my mom would say - "it will come out in the wash anyway" :)

  8. I do believe I would start with the camera. Maybe there will be good news.

    Take a deep breath.

  9. Well, I am with you...add a little work with a fast-paced schedule and flu bug...and out goes the rest...except the jet lag! Do take care of yourself.

  10. Oh dear. I can't advise you! Maybe, just maybe, I'd start with the crashing camera :). Most important things first, you know.

  11. I can't believe that with that long list you still found time to help me with my gmail problem. Thanks Marg!! My list looks like yours but I don't have the excuse of having been away.
    I would pursue the camera thing though - I remember when our son's computer crashed - he found a program that did the impossible and retrieved everything. So don't give up on that camera chip yet!


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