Monday, June 22, 2009

These Men are Wired!

To the wonderful men in my life.
This week, after one of my morning walks,
I discovered these men sitting in my kitchen,
drinking coffee, eating pie from the Airport,
and of course wired to their I-Phones.

Of course I join in for a few minutes,
but they are not really interested as they discussing
business and politics as usual.

Yesterday, we once again honored these wonderful men.
Levi had made a customized visor for each father,
and they were truly honored by his contribution.

The women folk got together and cooked up their favorite meal.

Italian Wedge Bread
This is one amazing recipe.
Vanished in no time flat.
BBQ Ribs
Compliments for the Best Ribs ever.
Freshly Cooked Garden Potatoes
Famous Greek Salad
Platters of Fruit

Most of us have learned by now,
that the way to a man's heart is through food.

Four Generations!
I am grateful for these God-fearing men.
Men who have supported,
given stability,
endured challenges,
crunched numbers,
loved their families,
provided a strong faith,
and continue to provide a legacy.

My prayer is that we can continue to celebrate
with them and encourage them to
leave a legacy for the next generation.

I think a common thread that challenges the women folk is,

"How do we really get these men
involved in the day to day tasks of raising small children?

I've learned that besides Food, men also like Word Pictures.
I heard this one yesterday in church,
and we all howled.

Baseball and Diapers.
Spread the Diaper in the position of a Diamond with you at Bat.
Then fold second base down to Home and set the baby
on the Pitcher's Mound.
Put first base and third together,
bring up Home Plate,
and pin the three together.
Of course,
in case of rain,
you gotta call the game,
and start all over again!
~Jim Piersal

I'm sure you are all Smilin' by now.


  1. I am going to share the diaper directions with the men in my family now that we have all these little ones in our family and my daughter is using cloth diapers. I love the visors that your little guy made as gifts. You can see the love through the generations. Enjoy your day!

  2. Love the diaper folding directions! Happy Father's Day to all 'your men'.

  3. Hi Marg

    It looks like a wonderful Father's Day was celebrated at your home!

    I love the diaper instructions and I'm going to copy it send it to my son

  4. Happy Father's Day to the wonderful men in your life. I do believe they are well loved.

    I've got some great fellows here, too. ;-)

  5. Sounds like a scrumptious Father's Day meal!

    Yes, so true...the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. What happens if you can't cook? (I at least try)

    Loved the diaper instructions!


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