Monday, August 10, 2009

Santorini ~ Breathtaking

Welcome to Santorini, Greece.
Sunny blue skies are in the forecast.
I'm about to share some of the high lights of my Mediterranean Cruise.
I realize this post is a duplicate for some of my readers,
I just wanted to follow a sequence.

As I woke up...
I opened my patio door from the ship,
I wondered, "Are those snow-capped mountains?"
Oh no, those are the white washed villages
with stunning views of Santorini.

Well I finally learned what a tender boat was...
(a small boat that ferries us to shore,
while the cruise lines are anchored off shore.)

We then climbed 800 feet to the top of the caldera,
which is the volcanic feature usually formed by the land
collapse following an volcanic eruption.

We could choose to make this climb by bus, or donkey, or foot.
You can see part of the trail used by the donkeys.
We were well advised that our shoes would be stained for ever.
So most of us chose the bus and
eventually came down with the gondola.

We drove to the most northern end of the island to a Village called Oia.
We traveled through rich volcanic countryside.
This village is perched on top of a craggy cliff,
with panoramic views of steep plummeting cliffs and
nearby small islands surrounded by the deep blue sea.

There's nothing more charming than enjoying the ambiance
of a somewhat removed village which lies in its very narrow,
twisting cobblestone alley ways and steps.
I was never more happier than when I could find a quaint shop,
sit down and have coffee and dessert.
At this particular place we were served "Galaktobqureko"
(milk cream pie, wrapped in phillo pastry)

(this shot is from the internet, my shot was not retrievable)

Blue is one of the most prominent colors.
It compliments the sky with the water's reflections
and there is nothing more calming than sitting on a patio
feeling the warm Mediterranean breezes.

You've all seen the movies from Santorini?
Truly, that's what it looked and felt like.

Before long the time was up, and it was time to return.
We travelled back to the hilltops of Fira,
where we could descend via the gondola back to the port.
I was ready to stay here for a week.

That night we ate our supper on the top deck, enjoying and reminiscing the days events.

Sailing off into the sunset, sitting quietly and peacefully,
not believing what we had experienced.
The natural beauties of this earth are heavenly.

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel, only read a page." ~ Augustine


  1. How beautiful! Maybe I too will visit Santorini one fine day.

    And I so agree with Augustine's quote...and with that in mind, I will plan my next trip.

  2. wow! That is a beautiful place. I will think about you when I (hopefully) get to see it someday!

  3. So beautiful. My best friends daughter and husband just spent 10 days in Oia. Their room was right in the escarpment kind of like a cave. They are in Athens today on their way back home. I'm so happy you were able to retrieve your photos. They are so lovely!

  4. I love Augustine's quote. I agree with that! These photos are incredibly beautiful! I love love love all the blue!

  5. Marg, it must have been heavenly. The skies and water are the most beautiful blues.

    I like the changes you made on your blog. It looks great!

  6. Santorini is an absolutely gorgeous place, Marg! I'm so happy you were able to retrieve your photos!
    Cruising is so much fun isn't it?

  7. PS That is one of my favorite quotes!

  8. Oh you are so beautiful on that boat. . or vessel or whatever the proper term is. . you have me feeling a bit like reading the book .. instead of just a page.

  9. I loved that "white" city on a rock. I wonder what the new heaven and new earth will look like?

    Greece looks so beautiful...

  10. Wow..amazing Marg! What wonderful memories of such a beautiful place. Did you get the recipe for that dessert?? grin

  11. Looks like a beautiful, relaxing, fun place to be. I think that whole area seems almost mysterious and romantic. Have a fun time!

  12. I am not sure I have ever seen such intense blues ~ incredible. And the dessert looks yummy! So glad that you had this experience!


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