Monday, June 15, 2009

Reality Sets In!

I'm Home Again.
But, I've become accustomed to being pampered.
What, I have to make my own meals again?
Where is everyone?

But on the other hand,
it was good to set foot on Canadian ground once again.

Being welcomed at the airport by our friendly well-known chauffeur,
was indeed a real treat.
She could speak English!

The young one of course, as she is greeted by her Mother.
Thanks loads for picking us up!

There's nothing like being chauffeured in a white farm truck.
It felt like home, immediately, after being squished in taxis for the past weeks.
We had the privilege of traveling and cruising with our long time friends.
You can read more of the details of the cruise at her sight,
On This Rock

As some of you know, already,
my camera crashed and I lost all my pictures from the cruise.

Door to door service.
Arriving home to a freshly cut lawn, made me feel so welcome.
It felt like paradise to me.

On the door step,
stood a bouquet of freshly picked flowers welcoming me home.
What else can one say?

I also knew that laundry, ironing, gardening and bookwork would be
there to greet me, but for now, it can just wait.

But nothing was more precious than being invited to the
Ice-Cream Bar at Levi's house.
"What color would you like Oma?"
It was wonderful spending time once again with the family.

Yes, it's a good feeling to be welcomed Home Again,
but, I'm still wondering about meal service?
Hm........Any ideas?


  1. I'm so glad you are were missed!

    It's not exactly room service...but have you heard of M&M Meats? They prepare...but you still need to cook. It might be a way to ease you back into reality slowly!

    I like 'Levi's Ice-cream Bar' fun!

  2. Well, you could order in pizza or Chinese...
    Welcome home!

  3. Oh, I just thought of this: ask Levi to bring his ice cream bar over and serve at your place!

  4. Oh wonderful to have you back. What a blessing to be able to travel with friends and to be welcomed home by family . .and especially Levi .. .who thought of the best treat he could think of. .
    I suggest you give yourself a few days to climatize to that kitchen before you are fully at it again.

  5. Marg, it's good to have you back - even though I never see you - I missed you. =)
    I'm so sorry about your pictures! I've thought abuot that several times this weekend and can just imgine how frustrated I would be about that.

  6. I would volunteer to prepare a meal, but it sure would be long ... distance.

    Welcome home! I know it must feel good to be back with your family. And, they did share their ice cream. ;-) I am glad to come here and see your smiling face.

    Bummer about your pictures.

  7. Welcome back - sounds like you had a marvelous holiday! Sorry to hear about the camera.

    I can just imagine how happy your grandkids would be to see Oma back!

  8. I say that we enjoy the memories, work hard so we can adventure again. And a little service is a wonderful treat that I am sorely missing as well. Levi is so fun! Oh, and they missed our hard work at WORK as well....lots of questions about when you will be back...


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