Monday, June 29, 2009

Pet Peeves

Since I have come home from Europe,
our neighbor has parked his truck in front of
my bedroom window.....
It's called "LAY'S"
It's obviously night time.....

If you don't know already, my favorite comfort foods,
can be referred to, as a big bag of LAY"S Potato Chips.
I see this truck morning and night.
Today, I could hardly resist,
not going out and buying a bag of Lay's Potato Chips.

Then, when I was in Vancouver this weekend, it was most confusing.
While having so many mixed messages regarding toilet signs from my travels,
this beat the cake..Right in my own city.
Which is Which?
I am still from the old school.
Men or Women?

Now, how am I supposed to sort this out?
Maybe you can be my guests and figure out
what these symbols mean.

I really don't care anymore.
I gotta go!!!!!

Thirdly, I was sitting at my nieces graduation.
I will never sit straight in line of the podium again.
Some young man sat down in front of me.
I diagnosed him with ADD immediately.
My family new I was struggling.
He could not stop talking,
he moved or leaned from side to side,
and every time he leaned,
I needed to change my position.
I needed to maneuver, sway from side to side,
in many positions just so I could SEE!
At the end of the night,
I'm not sure who looked more awkward.

Then I saw his father, flash a huge water bottle and scratch his back.
By now, I almost had the giggles, thinking...
"I know where he gets this from"
Remember I'm at a very formal graduation ceremonies for ND's

But then, just as the Doctors stood to recite their oath,
they asked any participating Doctors in the audience to also
stand and partake by raising their right hand.
Guess what? This young man stood up square in front of me.

Here is his avid fan, taking pictures of him standing.
Who was this graduation ceremony about?
Definitely it was not about him,
but he sure let the audience know who he was!!!!!!!

These are my pet peeves this weekend.
Sometimes, it just feels good to talk about them with others.
What are your thoughts?


  1. you crack me up
    i am just grinning away here.
    that dr. of naturapatic medicine sure was very confidant of himself now wasn't he.

    and that lays chips truck out your window......i have a old dutch truck out my window...oh the agony of it all.....i get it!

  2. That Lay's truck outside your window made me giggle. My husband would definitely be over there with money in his hand.

    And, the bathroom sign? I don't have a clue, but if you look at them long enough you see strangeness.

    I always, always, always get a seat behind the wrong person. Just like I always get in the wrong line at the drive-thru.

  3. Marg .. .you may have ended your day in a snit but it sure did come out funny during the documention process .. .
    My guy . ..always .. every day .. goes and gets just a "few" chips to have with his lunch. he could sure relate.

    And the bathroom sign .. .we both looked. . .too crazy.

  4. I have a theory about the Lay's truck. Someone, somewhere, in the Lay's marketing dept, has tracked chip sales in your area. When you were gone the sale of chips plummetted and the market people discovered that it was because of YOU. So, they are having your neighbor place the truck 'strategically' by your window in hopes that you will run out every morning to purchase chips and so make everything in the Lay's sales dept go back to normal.

    Even at church I seem to always sit behind the tallest, widest person and being somewhat on the short side, I can't see anything. The Professor and I will switch places to see if I can see better.

  5. AnonymousJune 29, 2009

    LOL...what a bathroom sign. And that guy standing rude.

  6. I'm with you: trucks that big should park somewhere else, or hand out chips as an apology...Piddle Patterns in the Snow? That would suggest ALL boy loos...and yes, chosing seats is always tricky when you really care alot about what is going on up front.

    But all that does make life interesting doesn't it?

  7. Great way to inject some humor into some annoying situations ... so funny! But I bet if you lived in Barcelona, you would have an addiction to tomatoes... at least that is what I observed when there were no chips to be found maybe the truck really is a "blast from the past!" and can be viewed as positive?

  8. Too funny! I can picture your most humble perpetual motion...blocking any possiblility of seeing what it was you came for. You have a way of finding those seats with no I recall.

    Will you do a follow-up on the bathroom signs? I haven't a clue!

    Are you serving Lay's on July 1st?

  9. I showed those bathroom signs to my daughter and neither one of us can figure them out. Which is which??

  10. Okay, I am stumped. Which is which regarding the bathroom signs? When I have to go, I have to go ~ I don't have time to interpret signs! My husband is 6'4" so he always gets so stressed that he is blocking people. I can't get over how rude some people behave in public. I bite my tongue a lot. Fun post!

  11. Those rest room signs would drive me crazy Marg!

    That graduation pest was something. I couldn't believe how many people brought crying babies to my daughter's graduation ceremony--and they were in strollers that blocked the aisles!

    Now the potato chip truck ....hmmmm...if he gave some samples that would make me happy!


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