Friday, June 26, 2009

Fave Five Friday #6

The weeks fly by so quickly.
It's time to join Suzanne once again over at
Living to tell the Story
Today I'll be sharing with you and along with many others,
the highlights of my past week.
It's been a busy week sharing life with people.
And I treasure all of them.

#1 What a relief!
Somewhere my SD card crashed,
on my most recent cruise in the Mediterranean.
Guess what?
My son took my card and in no time had them all retrieved.
Now I can share photos from my travels.

#2. Surprise visit from my Sister and her family.
I was invited to my neices and nephews piano recital.
Not very often that their whole family is together,
so I invited them for DQ treats to our home.

#3. Celebrating Birthdays.
My dear friend, marked a milestone this week.
I was able to host this delightful event at my home,
with at group of women who have known each other forever.

#4. Another Celebration
I was pampered at another luncheon this week.
These ladies have been instrumental
in sharing recipes on our Mennonite Girls Can Cook Blog.
This is worth a peek.

#5. Monkey Do, Monkey See
This little guy observed the dog closely
and it didn't take long......
Down on both fours just like his friendly dog, Drift.

The Big Five

See you all again next week.


  1. I love these faves, Marg. Hurray for that son who does amazing photo retrieval things! Your little guy playing doggie is just too precious. And love your big five at the end. Too cute.

  2. Thank goodness for children who know more about technology than we do. I would have been freaking out if I thought I lost my pictures. Glad you were able to retrieve yours!

  3. Looks like a lot of good food was prepared and enjoyed - but without the people to share it with it would be meaningless, right?

  4. I love that first picture with the sunflower and the contrast of the white. How nice to share all of your celebrations with friends :)

  5. Wow, what a lot of neat celebrations this week! Glad your SD card was able to be fixed.

  6. Wonderful Favorites Marg! What a nice spread you have with such a wonderful view...yikes!
    I always love a gathering around good food. Yours look great. So sorry I couldn't be with the Mennonite Girls!! Love the bye bye!!

  7. Is that your backyard/patio in #2? What an incredible view! I took a peek at your Santorini pictures with Andrea Bocelli on your playlist in the background - just gorgeous (pictures and music!).

  8. What gorgeous photos!

    It looks like you had a wonderful week of food, fellowship, and friends.

    I confess I've been to the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog - I'm planning on visiting often!

  9. Love it...especially the pictures of the little cute!

  10. Looks like lots of good times there this week.

  11. What a sweetie-pie holding up the big five. I hope you caught before he got any of that doggy chow down :)

    Your luncheon with the girls looks like it was a very special event. I bet the food was good too!

  12. Oh those last two pictures made me smile! He is so cute!

    Your view from your deck is so lovely! Your get togethers this week look like so much fun. I cruise through your cooking site weekly. Yummy.

    Yay for your son saving your pictures.

  13. AnonymousJune 27, 2009

    What a great week you had. Family and friends are such a gift. Kathy

  14. I love the new photo on your header - so crisp and clear! Celebrations with friends and family are the best. My youngest son loved to pretend that he was a dog - we called him 'Dogbone Kelley' for a while since he was always trying to eat dog bones. Glad he grew out of that stage! Enjoy your day!


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