Monday, June 29, 2009

Pet Peeves

Since I have come home from Europe,
our neighbor has parked his truck in front of
my bedroom window.....
It's called "LAY'S"
It's obviously night time.....

If you don't know already, my favorite comfort foods,
can be referred to, as a big bag of LAY"S Potato Chips.
I see this truck morning and night.
Today, I could hardly resist,
not going out and buying a bag of Lay's Potato Chips.

Then, when I was in Vancouver this weekend, it was most confusing.
While having so many mixed messages regarding toilet signs from my travels,
this beat the cake..Right in my own city.
Which is Which?
I am still from the old school.
Men or Women?

Now, how am I supposed to sort this out?
Maybe you can be my guests and figure out
what these symbols mean.

I really don't care anymore.
I gotta go!!!!!

Thirdly, I was sitting at my nieces graduation.
I will never sit straight in line of the podium again.
Some young man sat down in front of me.
I diagnosed him with ADD immediately.
My family new I was struggling.
He could not stop talking,
he moved or leaned from side to side,
and every time he leaned,
I needed to change my position.
I needed to maneuver, sway from side to side,
in many positions just so I could SEE!
At the end of the night,
I'm not sure who looked more awkward.

Then I saw his father, flash a huge water bottle and scratch his back.
By now, I almost had the giggles, thinking...
"I know where he gets this from"
Remember I'm at a very formal graduation ceremonies for ND's

But then, just as the Doctors stood to recite their oath,
they asked any participating Doctors in the audience to also
stand and partake by raising their right hand.
Guess what? This young man stood up square in front of me.

Here is his avid fan, taking pictures of him standing.
Who was this graduation ceremony about?
Definitely it was not about him,
but he sure let the audience know who he was!!!!!!!

These are my pet peeves this weekend.
Sometimes, it just feels good to talk about them with others.
What are your thoughts?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fave Five Friday #6

The weeks fly by so quickly.
It's time to join Suzanne once again over at
Living to tell the Story
Today I'll be sharing with you and along with many others,
the highlights of my past week.
It's been a busy week sharing life with people.
And I treasure all of them.

#1 What a relief!
Somewhere my SD card crashed,
on my most recent cruise in the Mediterranean.
Guess what?
My son took my card and in no time had them all retrieved.
Now I can share photos from my travels.

#2. Surprise visit from my Sister and her family.
I was invited to my neices and nephews piano recital.
Not very often that their whole family is together,
so I invited them for DQ treats to our home.

#3. Celebrating Birthdays.
My dear friend, marked a milestone this week.
I was able to host this delightful event at my home,
with at group of women who have known each other forever.

#4. Another Celebration
I was pampered at another luncheon this week.
These ladies have been instrumental
in sharing recipes on our Mennonite Girls Can Cook Blog.
This is worth a peek.

#5. Monkey Do, Monkey See
This little guy observed the dog closely
and it didn't take long......
Down on both fours just like his friendly dog, Drift.

The Big Five

See you all again next week.

Monday, June 22, 2009

These Men are Wired!

To the wonderful men in my life.
This week, after one of my morning walks,
I discovered these men sitting in my kitchen,
drinking coffee, eating pie from the Airport,
and of course wired to their I-Phones.

Of course I join in for a few minutes,
but they are not really interested as they discussing
business and politics as usual.

Yesterday, we once again honored these wonderful men.
Levi had made a customized visor for each father,
and they were truly honored by his contribution.

The women folk got together and cooked up their favorite meal.

Italian Wedge Bread
This is one amazing recipe.
Vanished in no time flat.
BBQ Ribs
Compliments for the Best Ribs ever.
Freshly Cooked Garden Potatoes
Famous Greek Salad
Platters of Fruit

Most of us have learned by now,
that the way to a man's heart is through food.

Four Generations!
I am grateful for these God-fearing men.
Men who have supported,
given stability,
endured challenges,
crunched numbers,
loved their families,
provided a strong faith,
and continue to provide a legacy.

My prayer is that we can continue to celebrate
with them and encourage them to
leave a legacy for the next generation.

I think a common thread that challenges the women folk is,

"How do we really get these men
involved in the day to day tasks of raising small children?

I've learned that besides Food, men also like Word Pictures.
I heard this one yesterday in church,
and we all howled.

Baseball and Diapers.
Spread the Diaper in the position of a Diamond with you at Bat.
Then fold second base down to Home and set the baby
on the Pitcher's Mound.
Put first base and third together,
bring up Home Plate,
and pin the three together.
Of course,
in case of rain,
you gotta call the game,
and start all over again!
~Jim Piersal

I'm sure you are all Smilin' by now.

Friday, June 19, 2009

It's Time for Fave Five Again #5

To all my Fave Five Blog Friends.

I've been gone for five weeks, and therefore
am so excited to join in once again to share my highlights.
I really want to thank Susanne over at Living to Tell a Story,
for initiating this FAVE Five.
It's fun for me to think of the highlights from the past week.

# 1 This first shot reflects a very happy person....
This smile is how I am feeling today.
I'm Ecstatic!
As some of you know, my SD card crashed and I lost all my photos,
from my vacation time.
I had a few melt downs over that experience...

Only to know that my son, who is a true Techy,
just emailed me to say that he retrieved my 934 pictures.

This post is not about my photos,
It's about my little grandson who loves using my camera....
He proudly walks around my yard taking pictures
of his favorite things.

Yes, he took that top shot of himself.
You know how they face the camera to themselves and CLICK!!!!

#2 His favorite Opa on his big Ford Tractor!

#3 Isn't it interesting that this young guy
is taking pictures of wheels already?
I think he has good taste.

#4 Haven't we all taken pictures of our legs and shoes?

#5 This is the perfect picnic table that he built,
and yes,
we sit around his table and drink coffee and munch on cookies.
(you have to be able to slide your legs underneath)

#6 He's been waiting for these berries to grow.
Alas, there are many blooms,
and tomorrow he will be back to pick the first crop!

Enjoy your weekend everyone as you cruise around checking
the highlights of all your blogging friends.
Remember if you are interested in joining in
just give it a CLICK and see for yourselves.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where Should I Start?

So much to do!
Where should I start?

Jet Lag!







Organizing Events!

Company's Coming!

Catching UP!

Crashing Camera!

Have a good day everyone as I sit and wonder
which end is up or down.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Reality Sets In!

I'm Home Again.
But, I've become accustomed to being pampered.
What, I have to make my own meals again?
Where is everyone?

But on the other hand,
it was good to set foot on Canadian ground once again.

Being welcomed at the airport by our friendly well-known chauffeur,
was indeed a real treat.
She could speak English!

The young one of course, as she is greeted by her Mother.
Thanks loads for picking us up!

There's nothing like being chauffeured in a white farm truck.
It felt like home, immediately, after being squished in taxis for the past weeks.
We had the privilege of traveling and cruising with our long time friends.
You can read more of the details of the cruise at her sight,
On This Rock

As some of you know, already,
my camera crashed and I lost all my pictures from the cruise.

Door to door service.
Arriving home to a freshly cut lawn, made me feel so welcome.
It felt like paradise to me.

On the door step,
stood a bouquet of freshly picked flowers welcoming me home.
What else can one say?

I also knew that laundry, ironing, gardening and bookwork would be
there to greet me, but for now, it can just wait.

But nothing was more precious than being invited to the
Ice-Cream Bar at Levi's house.
"What color would you like Oma?"
It was wonderful spending time once again with the family.

Yes, it's a good feeling to be welcomed Home Again,
but, I'm still wondering about meal service?
Hm........Any ideas?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Living the Dream!

Here we are,
Enjoying the most splendid scenery in the world.
Today I'm sitting on the French Riveria,
watching the sail boats,
observing those trying to water ski,
contemplating whether I need to work off some extra pounds,
maybe sipping on some wine,
reflecting on my experiences,
thinking about taking an excursion in a sailboat.
Oops! There is no wind today.

I'm not sure where or what I'll be doing next,
but today is a free day...

Can't wait to come back and post pictures.
Many nights I come back to our cruise line and say,
"It feels so good to be Home Again."

And it won't be long and I will be back on our continent.
I'm pinching myself everyday....

My time is running out....

Bye for now,