Monday, April 20, 2009

Don't Block My View!

I was off to Phoenix to see the Suns play basketball.
My dear man, knew how disappointed I was,
that I did not win the lottery tickets
for the Winter Olympics 2010.

So he surprised me, inviting me through an email, to join him
at an NBA game in Phoenix watching our dear Canadian athlete,
Steve Nash.

We walked into the US Airways Center.
I did not receive a warm welcome.
"Please remove your backpack." stated Security.
I commented, that I was travelling and that this was my purse.

"Would you please remove your packsack Madam?"
"Please follow instructions and take it back to your car."

You know what it's like...
I turned quickly and ran....
back to the car and found this old recyclable bag.
After all, I came for a reason.

Hm....I thought..this bag was just perfect.
"Freedom, Responsibility, Justice!!!"
Do I see the words TWU?

What message was I sending?

It did the trick.
I put all my belongings in this bag,
and security allowed me to enter the stadium.
I just could not figure out why all those other ladies could
carry those huge bags filled with, you know what?
And here I was, an innocent Canadian tourist looking out for Steve Nash.

I made sure I was early for the pre-practice warm-up.
He did not show. . .
I was finally ushered to my seat,
only to find I had competition.

Look who parked herself right in front of my view?

Blocking my view!
I was serious about this game,
had paid the big bucks,
was early,
had my backpack confiscated,

and my husband was just smiling.....
I know what he was thinking.

I could not let this pass me by.

I jumped to my seat.

I can just imagine what he was thinking....

Oh! there he is,
in the middle of the court,
giving me a High Five?
Anyways that's as good as it gets.
The Suns won their game to Utah Jazz in the remaining 5 seconds.
It was an amazing game.
The hype,
the entertainment,
the patriotic spirit,
the cheerleaders,
the pep band,
and Steve Nash played 90 percent of the game.

Another memory.
I loved every minute.

Now I've turned my back,
because they did not qualify for the playoffs.

But have you noticed the Canucks have won three straight,
against St. Louis Blues?



  1. What fun, Marg! That brings back memories...of my visit to the same place...watching the same guy...not all that long ago.

    So now you know the rule...any purse (as long as you can carry it) is allowed...just don't try carrying it on your back!

    I was so glad to hear how the Canucks turned last night's game around.

  2. What a great experience for you! Except for the backpack thing. I am really confused on that one...

    The Professor is happy that the Lakers won :)

  3. OH Marg. .you are so fun . .I was waiting for the picture of you standing directly in front of bikini girl . .that cheerleader has nothing over you . .
    Oh yeah Canucks. . we had a small party yesterday to watch .. woo hoo.

  4. Too bad you didn't have your bathing suit in your bag! =) I'm so glad you got to enjoy the game and YES!!!....the Canucks are on a good roll! I love the intensity and excitement of the playoffs - when the reward is simply another game or two. Oh, and hopefully more - something we can chalk up to history for the next 20 years!

  5. Maybe you´ll have more success with the Canucks! Go Canucks!! :)

  6. What fun Marg! I'm happy to see there's another sport nut out there. Bikini girl forgot the lesson from her mother to be discreet... Way to get around her

  7. So sorry, I didn't know you were sitting behind me... next time just ask me to move! Go Canucks

  8. Chuckling at your post and the comments! If I were you I'd make a set of pom poms today and throw on your bikini tonight for the Canucks game. We'll be watching the game tonight too...can't wait. Kathy

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  10. You are so funny, Marg! I enjoyed your post!! How sweet of your husband to think of someway to make up for you losing your bid on the Olympic tickets.

    Kristi V is smart on her feet! giggle..
    and who is Ed? I have no idea what he said but it looks pretty!


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