Saturday, April 11, 2009

What? They Finished it All?

Let's make more Paska!

We had a Family dinner with the Schmidt Brothers.

I laid the Paska on the table and before I knew it....

Arms were leaning over pecking at the sides.
(just like they peck at the middle of the watermelons)

Those brothers were snitching pieces out of the freshly baked Paska!

So I start the first cut!

Notice that's there's a mixing spoon wedging the Paska?

It was so light and fluffy that it began to lean,

and so our engineer quickly and carefully

laid a mixing spoon or as some called it a "Schlaeff" under one side.

As I've state before, no body cares how it appears.

It's about the good times.

Someone will always be there to rescue you.

Before I knew it, they were all surrounded around the table,

waiting for their annual piece of Paska,

just the way our Mom would of made it.

And they dug in eagerly!


Lots of it...

What's this big grin about Orly?

Only the Schmidt House will know.

I'm off to bake another Paska!!

Oh the recipe?

It's to late to post on the MGCC Blog.

But it's so easy....
It's a true and tried recipe from my friend Laurie.

Heat 1 Cup of Milk (1/2 cup cream & 1/2 cup milk)
Whip 8-10 whole eggs with 11/2 Cups sugar
Add 1/2 melted butter
1 Cup water
3 Tbsp yeast
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp. lemon rinds
10 Cups flour

Make sure to keep the dough rather soft and sticky than too hard.
I learned that trick from Lovella's Easter Paska.
You can follow her step by step procedures.
Let rise for along time (2 hours)
Grease your pans well.
Let rise again on pans.
Bake at 325 degrees

Have a wonderful Easter my friends,
with family and friends,
recognizing that

He is Risen!!!!


  1. Oh Marg. .. your long loaf for a centerpiece looks wonderful. It was great to see your family in the pictures .. it's been awhile. I wished the rest weren't so camera or should I say shy. I'd have liked to see them too.

  2.'s all gone? Well you just mix up another batch...because you definitely need some for tomorrow! The long pan makes a perfect party paska pan (try saying that). My paska is rising as we speak.

  3. He Is Risen, Indeed!

    Happy Easter!

  4. Loved seeing the happy gathering..that's what family is all about!
    Love that long paska!

  5. Alleluia! He is truly Risen!

    Happy Easter!

  6. THAT my friend, is the the biggest Paska I have seen! Wow...and it is all gone? Of course, I can imagine. In our home too...if not gone the first will be gone as toast the next day! Yum...Happy Easter Marg.

  7. Marg, this is a tradition of which I was not aware. I love all of your family gathered round to partake. Does it represent our risen Christ?

    Happy Easter

  8. It looks DELICIOUS. It looks like ALL ages enjoy this treat! I'm glad your family is smiling and had a good time!

  9. schmidts, eh?
    any relation to manitoba schmidts? :)
    i'm 1/4 schmidt myself....and don't find many related to us around these parts.


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