Thursday, April 9, 2009

What Compels You?

We've just passed through Joshua Tree National Park.
We saw all these young people rock climbing.
My thoughts are racing?
What inspires them?
What compels them?

This week I've been reflecting on our past weeks sermon,
thinking how greatful I am for my upbringing,
and knowing who is in charge of my life,
and trying to live fearlessly,
knowing that God is in charge.

Our pastor challenged us to think of what
we would look like if we were all
"job shadowed."
That's a scary thought.

Then he asked the question?
What message did Steven Harper leave with us last weekend?
Where was he for the group photo at the G20?

What message did Michelle Obama leave with us?
She touched the Queen.
The Queen reciprocated by putting her arm around her.

What message do we bring to others?

Today I posted a recipe in our MGCC Blog.
It talks about a flopped cake experience.
Since then I've been reminded how many times I've flopped.

All through a bit of coaxing and help from a dear friend,
I took this flopped mess and refurbished it.

To me this is an everyday illustration how
God is still transforming us,
shaping us,
forgiving us,
as we restore relationships with each other,
and most highly with his Son, Jesus.

It' the Easter Season,
and Good Friday is the Day of the Cross.
Easter Sunday is the day of resurrection,
which gives us new Life and Hope in Him.

What fuels and stimulates You?
What drives You?
What compels You?

Take a moment to reflect on this old familiar hymn.
PS. Pause the music in my sidebar before you press play.
Because He Lives.


  1. I stood under that very rock a few months back...and wondered what would possess those climbers to scale that sheer face.

    What motivates me? Good question...and one I need to keep asking. But this I know...I can face tomorrow with confidence because "He is risen"!

  2. I was just going to say. . you and Judy. . are following one another.
    God is so good to take our flops and make them right. . .
    What motivates me? Good food for thought today Marg. . I'll have to think on it.. I know what my answer should be. . but is it?

  3. Good post...thank you for sharing...I guess we needed a second week on vacation to see the big rock and some of the other sights.

  4. Marg, this is one of my favorite hymns, and Easter is my favorite holiday. I so enjoyed this post.

    The world is really much larger than it has to be. Even blogging proves that we can reach out and touch someone. That act of reaching out and touching someone can change the world.

    I've missed coming by to visit. I am still very busy caring for my mother.

    Have a wonderful Easter holiday.

  5. What compels us or what defines us? Good questions to ask...
    I have low connection here, but wanted to say Hi. It's neat to have our thoughts be at the same place even when we're far away.


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