Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Top Farms in North America

Today I want to take you on a quick tour of some of the farms,
I see every morning, on my way to work.

When we travel, the first thing my farmer checks out is agriculture.
"Once a farmer, always a farmer."
In the past weeks we spent some time south of Pheonix,
touring close to the Tucson area.

I'm sure all my American friends have used dairy products by
Shamrock Diaries.
In 1920 they started the dairy with 20 cows.
Today they have over 10,000 cows.

Shamrock Farms!
10,000 cows!
2000 employees.
Does that mean 1 employee to 5 cows?
That sounds way better than our medical system.

Far in the distance you will see a silver lining,
which is the low white tin roofs of their barns.
Their barns spread for miles and miles.

Just a bit closer and a better view.
Do you see the desert?
This was my first time ever seeing the desert.
Beautiful blue skies.

Here is the herd.
You can drive for miles and miles to cattle everywhere.
The roadway you see is not public,
this is their own private transportation system between
feed lots, and barns.
It was truly overwhelming for us.
Just imagine the management!

Now back home, I drive past this farm every morning.
Then on another note,
I just arrived home from Palm Springs,
and within one hour I was invited to my neighbors,
for coffee & fresh cinnamon buns.
They, known as Blossom Dairy were asked to host an
"open house" farm tour, hosting guests and farmers from Quebec and Ontario.

Last year they won the Master Breeders Award.
This is a prestigious honor, award, and achievement in the purebred industry.
Once in 10 years BC hosts the Holstein Canada Cattle Show, Sale and AGM Meetings,
celebrating the new farmers being recognized as Master Breeders.
This event takes place at the Hyatt Regency in Vancouver.
Blossom Dairy also won the Grand Champion for the red & white animal.
Did you know, Redder is Better?

This is the front view of their farm.
The place is kept immaculate and it was an honor
to share this celebration moment with them.
I'll tell you one thing...
Farmers know how to party in style.

Here's another farm I check out every day.
WOW! I know our dairy never looked like that.
This would be considered an average size farm,
probably milking 100-200 head,

Then in the distance is another new chicken barn...

Just before my last stop,
I drive slowly past this quaint little red barn.
This farmer sometimes is not even in the barn when I drive past.
I make a habit to see who's up early and who's sleeping in.
He milks about 25 cows.
He also has one of the best herds in Canada,
and is awaiting that special award.

Anyways as you can see, I love red barns,
green grass, small farms, blue skies, mountains,
and even chores.
I'm not a desert girl.

Happy to be Home Again.


  1. The last on your list is a very recognizable farm to me. Not only is it close to a pole my brother wrapped his truck around, but also a landmark reminding me I'm almost 'home again' (wink). At least, I'm pretty sure that's the farm. Thanks for showing me pictures of home and the greenness of the valley I've been missing.

  2. Funny thing...but our time in Arizona last year also included a farm tour.

    You got some good pic's of familiar area barns and green grass.

    So you check to see if the farmers are sleeping in? Too funny.

  3. well, one thing for sure, you being the farm girl that you are, you are the real bull.teehee.
    i love the beautiful pcitures of the blue sky and green grass........oh it is a welcome site. i am sure the farm life looks far romantic of a life style than it really is. lots of good honest hard work...ah so glad i get to sleep in.....smirk

  4. Farms are beautiful and I too enjoy looking at them all driving through the countryside.

  5. Desert "farms" usually are pretty rank, especially in summer. There are several on the drive down central California, and they never made me think they were very nostalgic. Your "award winning" farms really do it for me!

    (I was always told farms did plants and ranches did animals...hence we called them egg ranches)

  6. Marg, you're a farm girl at heart, aren't you? I like red barns to look at. =)

  7. I am with skies, mountains, green grass, red, or any other colour of barn, things growing and NO DESERT....yeah!


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