Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Beginnings

Somedays I think...
What can I write about?
I looked outside my office window tonight and there it was.
The sun's evening rays were being sent my way,
reflecting off my favorite mountain.

I dashed outside to catch a few more shots.

Some days seem to go whizzing by,
and today I've been busy washing, ironing,
cleaning my stove, defrosting my freezers,
cleaning my fridge....
cleaning windows with Lovella's sqeaky clean recipe.
By now you must think,
"She's got company coming."
I do! And I have never met them.
At least I'm getting all my spring cleaning done in advance.
I feel like I'm ahead of the game.

I'll be gone while they house sit and visit their firstborn grandchild.
I've already had a peak at him.
This will be a new day for them.

New Beginnings!
The turning of new sod.
Feeling the soil with my hands.
It makes me reflect about the nutrients that the soil requires,
that come from the wind, rain, hail and sun.

I think of this new little child that was born.
New beginnings for his parents, for his grandparents.
I already know he comes from a rich Christian heritage.
Is there any greater blessing for a child?
He's got a great beginning!

Just as I saw the soil being turned over today,
I wonder what it will look like when I come back from my travels.

And so it is with this newborn,
he too will grow so quickly.
We will be praying for you as you nurture this new infant.

So the sun is setting on the new furloughs,
it's the end of another day and I'm thinking...
"I know where my grandsons will be playing this weekend."
"Bring your boots boys!"

I love new beginnings!


  1. How nice to be so organized and ready for your extended houseguests. I think we all need 'houseguests' on occasion to help us see our home from a different's called deep-cleaning.

    Have fun with those boys...and their boots...this weekend.

  2. What we'll find will be something like the surprise bag of tulips-- all types, all sorts of colors!

  3. Our "new beginnings" wedding of our son this weekend has me just a tiny bit jittery. I will be glad when they are an old married couple and the ceremonies (and first dances) are all done!

  4. Sounds like whoever is moving in will be lucky to stay there! I hope you get to come back to a clean place. Where ARE you going? Did I miss something?

  5. Bring your boots boys. . I love the sound of that. .
    You are such a hard worker. . I hope that you enjoy each moment when you get taht chance to rest. .
    I love new beginnings too. .

  6. On my drive home last night I saw the sun on the corner of that mountain. It was so beautiful. I looked for you outside as I passed by wondering if you were seeing the beauty. Glad we both caught a glimpe....and you captured it. You should be able to see all the lovely views around your home through your clean windows. Kathy

  7. Gorgeous pictures!....guess those photography lessons paid off after all.. :-)

    I think that I should take some lessons in being house might like to have that deep clean experience before we go as well.

  8. Love your pictures. And love the "New Beginnings" tone of the post. New beginnings give hope! Wonderful post, Marg!

  9. The Tulips are such a lovely red ;) I wish I were as organized as you are for your guests.Thanks for your kind comments on the blog.


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