Friday, June 19, 2009

It's Time for Fave Five Again #5

To all my Fave Five Blog Friends.

I've been gone for five weeks, and therefore
am so excited to join in once again to share my highlights.
I really want to thank Susanne over at Living to Tell a Story,
for initiating this FAVE Five.
It's fun for me to think of the highlights from the past week.

# 1 This first shot reflects a very happy person....
This smile is how I am feeling today.
I'm Ecstatic!
As some of you know, my SD card crashed and I lost all my photos,
from my vacation time.
I had a few melt downs over that experience...

Only to know that my son, who is a true Techy,
just emailed me to say that he retrieved my 934 pictures.

This post is not about my photos,
It's about my little grandson who loves using my camera....
He proudly walks around my yard taking pictures
of his favorite things.

Yes, he took that top shot of himself.
You know how they face the camera to themselves and CLICK!!!!

#2 His favorite Opa on his big Ford Tractor!

#3 Isn't it interesting that this young guy
is taking pictures of wheels already?
I think he has good taste.

#4 Haven't we all taken pictures of our legs and shoes?

#5 This is the perfect picnic table that he built,
and yes,
we sit around his table and drink coffee and munch on cookies.
(you have to be able to slide your legs underneath)

#6 He's been waiting for these berries to grow.
Alas, there are many blooms,
and tomorrow he will be back to pick the first crop!

Enjoy your weekend everyone as you cruise around checking
the highlights of all your blogging friends.
Remember if you are interested in joining in
just give it a CLICK and see for yourselves.


  1. That is quite a discerning budding young photographer you have there. And, he is a cutie, too.

    I am so happy about your pictures. Fantastic news!

  2. The lost has been found...yay!!! What rejoicing there must be.

    Too cute...your roving photographer. It's such fun for them...and why not? No film wasted...ever.

  3. What a sweet face!! Interesting shots - he's all boy :)

    I'm so glad about your pictures - and looking forward to them!

    Happy weekend!

  4. Horray for Techie Sons!! So glad your lost pictures are found.
    Your grandboy is already a great photographer with an eye for a terrific angle.

  5. Oh what joy .. .I'd be ectastic too for found pictures.
    I did have a fleeting thought .. .you got all your laundry etc, done lickety split. . and would you have. ..with pictures to sort through?

    Well done there young lad, you'll be a fantastic photographer.

  6. Welcome Back! Looking forward to some posts about your wonderful trip! I think I would have totally had a major meltdown had I lost that many pics from a vacation like that. So glad you got them back!

    Your photographer is too sweet and very talented.

  7. Your little grandson has an excellent eye for photos!

    And I'm so very happy with you about your photo retrieval! Hurray for the the techie son!

  8. AnonymousJune 19, 2009

    Thank goodness your photos were found. Excellent FFF Have a happy weekend :)

  9. Welcome Home ! I am so glad that you got your pictures back - what a sense of relief! I love the pictures your grandson took - he has a good eye! I can only imagine how busy you are as you make the transition from vacation to reality. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. What a great entry and a terrific job by your grandson, the budding photographer!

  11. I'm so glad the pictures could be retrieved! The photos your grandson took remind me of my grandkids taking my camera - so interesting to see what they take pictures the stories behind them.

  12. Welcome back! How neat that your son was able to retrieve your pictures!

    Love the photos taken by your grandson. He's too cute!

  13. Yippee! I'm so happy your photos were retrievable! How fun to see your grandson's photos! Enjoy getting used to home...

  14. So cute! I am so delighted to hear that you have your photos back....looking forward to seeing some of the "cool shots!" Ah, the memories.

  15. Oh I'm so happy for you Marg! It would have been a shame to lose all those vacation photos.

    Your grandson is so cute and a budding photographer! He took some good shots!


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