Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy to be Safely Home Again

I never thought I'd see daylight again.
We left Palm Springs, early Thursday morning.
One minute it's sunny and warm.
You know how it is, after you've been gone for awhile,
there's nothing like being safe and sound at Home.

We had a connecting flight in Portland, and it didn't take long for me to figure out that we would be late.

We arrived 30 minutes after the Flight 2232 had boarded... we jumped off our plane and ran.
Wouldn't you know that Gate A2 was the farthest gate in the whole concourse.
We came running breathlessly to the boarding teller and she smiled and said, "I can't promise."

I said, "Here's our passports and tickets."
She responded, "I can't promise."
We squished through the doorway, outside on the tarmack...
Whew, we just squeaked in before the door shut.
Flight 2232 was on route.
By now I felt like I was a participant on the Amazing Race.

I seated myself, stopped and looked around this little plane, thinking..."Is this going to get me Home Again?"
I was seated right over the prop. Then my mind went wonkers...
What if one propeller fails, maybe even mechanically drops off?
The stewardess noticed my anxiety.

She announced that they would be serving complimentary drinks.
"Yes, please a glass of red wine."
Who offers complimentary drinks and no luggage charges, especially today?

I tried to read and play Sudoku puzzles, but nothing kept my mind at ease.
Cloud, and high winds, brought unusual turbulence to Flight 2232.
Later the pilot announced the landing plan ... and suddenly I glanced outside and noticed from the corner of my eye, something dropping.
"This is it," I gasped,
"It's my time."

Then I looked back and remembered thinking,
"Oh, it's the landing gear."
How could I let myself get into such a frenzy.
After circling Vancouver airport, what seemed to take forever,
we came to a storming halt.

What is this? I've never landed on the tarmack in Vancouver.
But my feet were on solid ground and I was thankful.

I then proceeded to grab my belongings and slowly edged
my way down the stair case.
Then I thought to myself?
Why was the stewardess fussing with my bags?
I didn't pay much attention.
I was glad to be Home.

When I got in the car, I thought to check my bag.
What on earth could this strangely packed gift be?
She had obviously found some light-weight cloth and tied a ribbon.
Then I remembered, as I departed, she whispered,
"Have a safe trip home and enjoy."

Thanks to Alaskan/Horizon Airlines who still know how to make a difference.
It's those special memories that pass away the fears.

Thankful to be Home Again!


  1. That sounds really scary and not really such a great way to end a vacation. But it makes for a memorable story, and thank goodness things worked out well. I must say that Palm Springs was totally awesome and we are glad to have shared some of it with you...but really, where was that ocean!

  2. I am glad your home. but still intrigued: what WAS that strange white package???
    As for missing something here.... well, if I said we had snow, you probably wouldnt believe it.... but I think we are finally heading into spring, late as it is!!!
    Welcome back~!

  3. Oh good! I'm flying Alaska to Portland next month (being one who really doesn't like to fly anymore).

    Was the package the rest of the bottle of red wine?

  4. Welcome home, Marg... Isn't it comforting to know God puts people in your path that have just the right word or touch to calm your heart?
    You didn't say what was in the package...I'm curious...

    I'm sorry you had such a scary flight...but when the landing gear coming down scared you.. I DID think of chicken little... smile

  5. welcome home and sound.
    how nice for the stewardess to be so sweet.
    looking forward to hearing more about it.

  6. As I was reading your post, the song 'My coat of many colors" was on and it brought back memories of when I was about 12 or early teens and loved listening to the Victoria station (I think it was)that played country music. An old Dolly Parton, right?
    Glad you are back safe an sound! And what a nice surprise at the end!

  7. Oh I find that kind of stress chest tightening. . and I'm a bit leary of flying myself so I can feel quite sorry for you .. Glad you are home safe and sound. . .soon us girls will all be back where we belong. .

  8. Glad you are home safely Marg...I hate turbulence while flying while hubby enjoys the 'bumps and drops'!
    I like your little pkg at the sweet!

  9. Glad you are back & sound! That does not sound like a relaxing ride home. I'll be back to see what was in the are planning to tell us, right?

    I'm glad to be home where I belong as well. Life is good!

  10. The stewardess gave us a bottle of wine. Just her thoughtfulness made the trip endurable.
    She had wrapped it carefully adding a bow.
    I have not been on an airline like that in years.


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