Friday, April 17, 2009

It's My Fave Five #2

Once again, I'm joining Susanne from Living to tell a Story

Sometimes there is so much on my heart,
but never enough time to tell the whole story.

So here's my Five Favorite highlights for this week.

#1. Look who caught a mole?
He made such a mess of our yard this winter,
and finally after setting out those wicked traps,
he's caught and someone was excited to share "show and tell."
He of course was thrilled, because I caught one glimpse and I was gone....
I cannot stand moles or mice........And he was laughing.

#2. Sharing Easter Chicks with my youngest grandson, Silas.

#3. Levi learned to ride his bike without training wheels.
It didn't take long after running up and down our driveway,
he said, "Opa it's time to take of the training wheels."
Off to the shop they went.
So then his father commented,
"I thought you said that you needed your training wheels till you were twelve."
A huge smile beamed across his face.
Mission Accomplished!
You can obviously see his mother carefully running behind.

#4. I found this flower garden along my walk.
I absolutely fell in love with idea. So creative.

#5. My first budding tulip....
I strolled through my garden,
where I hucked a bunch of old tulip bulbs last fall.
I'm blown away as to the treasure I found. Wait till next Friday....

Hope you all have a wonderful week.
If you want to see more Fave Fives,
visit Susanne, our hostess at
Living to tell a Story.


  1. Marg. . .you find such treasures through the eyes of your grandsons too ..and I showed the catch to my beloved. . for his approval.
    When I posted our catch last year .. I did get some negative comments. .so put your tough skin on. .

  2. Beautiful photos! I especially love the one of Silas with the baby chicks!

  3. Screeches and all...I know you were thrilled that the mole was no longer on the loose and doing damage. Love the pic of Silas and the chickies.

    One of my fave five from the past week would have been the view from the top of the 107 stairs!

  4. What a sweet pic of your grandson and the chicks! Good catch on the mole. I have to confess I'd be running too, though. LOL. Good for Levi! That is a great accomplishment to learn to ride that quickly! And you know I love your tulip!

  5. Good morning Marg! Yikes look at that Mole and he's so comfortable holding it! I'm getting squeamish...
    What fun adventures with your grandkids! Love it...

  6. LOL...boys and their mice. What a wonderful week you had and the photos were just great. Really enjoyed this and the tulip is awesome. Have a good weekend :)

  7. I love the pics you have on your site! The flower garden you saw on your walk gives me inspiration! ;)

    How brave your grandson was to hold that mole! EEEWWW!

    Love, love, love the picture of your grandson with the chickies.

  8. Great pictures, I especially like the one of all the chicks, chicks are so soft and cute! Sounds like a great week!

  9. The Fave Five are definitely "fabulous"...all of them, but of course, the pics of the kiddies are the best.

  10. I love the second picture ... Your grandson among all the lil' chicks! It shows such tenderness. We just finished a very glorious week here in the northeast! Our daffodils are finally sprouting! ~Maria

  11. I love tulips and will be back next Friday to see what your looks like when it´s open.
    Your grandson is precious!

  12. Oh .what priceless photos !!
    the little one among the yellow chicks...what a frozen moment of joy and innocence!
    I so enjoyed your 'fave five' !!!
    (I joined in your screech!)

  13. that's some fun stuff!! Never a dull moment, huh?? thanks for stopping by!

  14. A sweet post - your little grandsons are cute as buttons!


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