Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It's my week for Chores.
The alarm goes too early for me.
Our employee is on vacation for two weeks.
And I've been designated to wear my Chore Hat.
My freshly ground coffee is in my hand as we roll along the flats.
The sun is just beginning to appear over my favorite mountain.
Farmers still get up early,
so that we have the rest of the day to work.

I open the door.
And Surprise....

Happy Easter!
Colored Chicks???
Oh yea, I fondly remember!
I showed my grandson this photo last year....
He was so disappointed and disgusted,
when we made the trip to the farm,
and he did not find colored chicks.

Now he's trying to tease his younger brother.

Anyways, I grab my pails,
stick and begin to make my cruise through the barns.
Check the feed controls.
Make sure the water is at the right height.
Pick up any little chicks that can't survive.
Check the air control.
Are all the brooders working?

A few hours later,
I'm done and I look out the door in the distance, at our old dairy.
I'm greeted by the morning sun,
and spot our Canadian Flag flying in the wind.

My heart is filled with memories of raising our children on that homestead.
Farming is a wonderful way of life and I would not trade it for anything.
Now I get to share those joys with my little grandsons.

I'm off to cut lawns, and clean up the yard,

Enjoy the sun today.
Early to bed and soon it will be Chore Time again.


  1. I love the view of the mountains in the background at the old homestead!

  2. It looks like we may have to leave our long walk until next week...what with your work schedule and all! Have fun tending to the flock...and we'll catch up soon.

    I'd love to see a whole barn full of those 'Easter chicks'!

  3. Ah. . there is no help like the help that owns the farm. You are the cutest little farmer Marg. . and I hope you enjoy those little chicks. .that is my favorite time too.

  4. Looks like the ideal life Marg! I love the colored chick photo --I have to save that to show my grandson one day when he's older


    I hope you and your family have a very happy and blessed Easter!

  5. Kristi VegtApril 08, 2009

    beautiful! it's the stuff of dreams for me... couldn't you see me as a Farmer's wife?! Dave's a different kind of farmer though isn't he?!

  6. You mean chick really aren't born colored at Easter time????

    You've ruined it for me!

    Well, at least there is still the Easter Bunny, right?


  7. You must be in great shape to run around and do all that. Cutting lawns?

    Your farm/dairy looks so homey. I wish I was there. You could put be to work!

  8. So now I know what keeps you busy!! True farmgirl @ heart! You look good with the pails and all! Better you than me...... i was never good with chickens, eggs, and all that 'brushing' we used to do, before the eggs got packed into the shipping crates; does anyone remember doing that?


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