Monday, April 13, 2009

Blue Monday

My first part of the morning involves emptying my dishwasher.
As I opened the washer,
I was actually delighted, thinking,
"How coordinated my machine looked in the blue colors."
Blue is my favorite color,
and I love my blue Denby,
mixed in with variations of blue pottery.

Did it look like I really tried to be this orderly?

The weekend is over and it's time to clean up again.
All those extra little finger prints,
chocolate wrappings,
egg shells,

You name it!
And of course finish off the last of the Paska.

I'm off to do the chores.
How many more sleeps?

What is your favorite color?


  1. My favorite color? BLUE

  2. My favorite, as well! Unfortunately my house is so 'un-blue' that most of my blue decor items are in hiding. But give me some lovely blue hydrangeas...or a field of Texas bluebonnets...even a clear blue sky would be nice.

    Does that mean...eight more sleeps until you can sleep in?

  3. I am thinking of today as regain my strength monday. . .resting up for grammie day tomorrow. .
    Your blue monday is very pretty. . and thank you for showing us the cleaned version of it. .happy chores.

  4. My favorite color ? Shades of rose to purple... smile...
    I want to thank you, Marg for your lovely background music.. I will often visit your site first and then leave it on while I go elsewhere so I keep enjoying your music !!

  5. Blue is my favourite too. So peaceful. Sounds like you had a wonderful family get-together on Easter!

  6. I love both blue and green! Red and orange are a close second

    We visited this holiday so no left overs or dish clean up for me, but I am doing laundry galore and spring cleaning around the house.

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Yes, I was tired today (the day after Easter). I had to return to teaching in the morning...and being a caregiver in the afternoon. But now, tonight, I'm relaxing and enjoying the beautiful music on your blog.

    Great dishwasher organization :)

    I love the color blue, too, because it the color of the sky and the sea.

  8. Marg! This is a fabulous blue Monday right there in your dishwasher! Love it...

  9. what is happening in eight days marg?
    hmmm.......favorite color, i don't know if i have one, i have several, like red, shades of grean and yellow and blue, yet i don't really have a theme in my home.
    perhaps i can't commit to one color, i love them all.

  10. Love blue but a fave? Hard to say..I love most colors! I know that I do love your blue dishes!! I love pottery..


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