Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sock it to Em!!!

You need to know and understand the Life working out in the Gym.
For the last two years after I quit my formal work, I dedicated some time to looking after myself.
I have always enjoyed working out and the most fun is finding a group of gals who are crazy, who are silly, and love to have a good laugh. I've met Lisa, Steff, Corinna, Linda, Jenn, Amy. We all love to work out and know and feel the results regardless. It's really a time away from everything. It's pure Therapy.

This one week, I thought Lisa had left for Mexico, but I'm still getting emails from her.
I'm thinking.... "She's on overload, Don't miss your flight girl."

Her concluding email will make you LOL.
I opened it and laughed and laughed and laughed.

Lisa, is another farmers wife with a large family, she's a grandma, drives truck, tractor, cooks, you name it, Lisa does it....But she absolutely loves her family and husband dearly......
She's on overload most days.

She has no choice but to bring her kids to the gym.
She's driving from dentist to school, to the gym, to church,
to Costco, and preaching at most of us during her workout!!
We're even working out to Christian Praise Music.

She has given all the permissions for me to release this for anyone else wanting a good laugh, understanding the circumstances around packing for a family vacation.

Hi Friends,
Before I can carry on with my need to laugh with me. You know the age old story of girls and socks in the front of their shirts???? Well .....Listen up. I started this morning at 6am...Brad made me coffee and not wanting to wast anytime I folded the white load from the dryers. Man, I should of gone to Costco this week, our white socks are gross....oh well...them I'm up in Riley's room packing his bag. (for those of you who don't know, we're leavin this aft for Mexico with all the kids) I'm snooping through his drawers and come across a brand new pair of WHITE socks...YEAH!!! those are for me!!!!I had my hand full, and no pockets in my capris know it already, I'm sure. I tucked those socks in my shirt.

OK...Our morning progressed quite quickly and before you know it, I'm racing off to school, but just a minute...I'll whip into Superstore and return those jeans of Cam's, then go to the mall. Would you believe I stopped at Sports Chek and engaged in conversation with two young female clerks? then off to West 49,...yes, even had a conversation with two young men about rap music, drugs and music vidoes.....all the while the socks were in my shirt, just a little on the left side.) Well I can't believe that one could giggle and laugh outloud at herself as I did this morning.
So please laugh with me....this has got to be the runner up like the glitter glue story.
Have a good day guys...
Love you,

For the record, It's not just one Crazy Place. When you come into this gym, you will be welcomed by our top notch Doctor and Assistant.

If you have nothing else to do, check this place out if you want an adventure.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done in public?
Let's here some stories.....


  1. Oh, Marg...that's too funny! I played ball in the same league as Lisa...I think that may have been in another life...but I can see "some girls just know how to have fun!" And laughing at oneself is about the best somehow beats 'dying a thousand deaths'.

    So did you want to hear about my first ride ever up a chairlift...and how I somehow forgot to get off? Oh...I'm still not sure I can laugh!

  2. maybe if i had a group like that i would enjoy working out a whole lot better....i have the philosphy that "you have to be a little crazy to keep from going insane"

    to mention just one..there are too many to tell in a comment box....
    working in a downtown office.....going on the bus, walking....riding in an elevator, working all day and doing the same going home only to realize that all that time the panty hose i wore the day before stayed in my pants and the were flopping around and peeking through my pants....
    i thought something didn't feel right and wondered why folks were really friendly that day and smiling at me

  3. Oh, it's great that she can still laugh! The crazy thing is that most people are too concerned about what they look like to notice someone else. But you do wonder . . . I'm not sure I even want to remember my embarassing moments.

  4. Going to workout in a group sounds like a lot of fun Marg.
    Can't remember an embarassing moment right now... still laughing at Char's..oh dear!!

  5. Oh my Marg! I loved that story by Lisa. I actually know her so I laughed even harder. Hope to read of some other crazy antic from her or you perhaps? Hope the guys did a good job at the farm yesterday. If not make sure John lets me know.

  6. LOL! That was so funny Marg! It ;s always best to approach life with a sense of humor ... better to laugh than cry!

    I've done some doozies but maybe the funniest was grabbing my brown paper bag lunch out of the refrigerator one day when I was young and going on a trip with my girl scout group, only to find that I really took a head of lettuce my Mom bought the day before and didn't take out of the bag as yet. Not only did I miss lunch but I had to bring that lettuce back home so my Mother wouldn't be mad. lol

  7. I don't know you, Marg, but know Lisa (Brad is my mom's cousin)... saw your comment on Michelle's blog... what a small world :)
    Lisa's a good sport to let you share so we all can have a laugh!
    ~Willetta Les

  8. that is too funny!! shows how great we moms are at multitasking/carrying or what!!LOL

  9. Hi Marg,
    the book you commented on is traditional paper scrapbooking, except for the three pictures that have quotes/swirls - I did that in Photoshop, printed them as regular pictures at Costco, then used them in the book. Hybrid scrapping at it's best :)

  10. That was a great story, Marg (and Lisa)
    Mine story is similar. I needed to go to the store and had put one shoe on when the phone rang. I answered it and then put the other shoe on and off to the store and the post office I went. It wasn't until I got home that I noticed that I had on one white shoe and one black. (That's the problem with buying the same shoe in 2 colours!)

  11. How funny!!! When I first went to your blog, I saw this pic... I thought, there has to be a mistake.... but of course, after reading on,it all makes sense!!! I wonder what those kids said after your friend left the store!!!
    Too funny.......


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