Monday, March 23, 2009

My Latest Finds!

I hate to tell you,
but I just made a mad dash out to purchase a new swim suit.
I found out that we were going somewhere warm.
Somewhere where I've never been before.
I am so proud of my new swimsuit.
Can you imagine me enjoying the warmth?
I'm just wondering what my husband will think?

Oh well, for now my friend...
I will be back in a blink of an eye.



  1. Well, by the looks of your photograph, your swimsuit does need replacing! Have a lovely warm time. I'm just back from up north, where I did snowshoeing for the first time and enjoyed it. Dairymary

  2. Enjoy your fun in the sun. Does your swimsuit look like theirs?

  3. Good for you for finding a swim suit that you like! Shopping for bras and swimsuits...yuck.

  4. And they're wearing their fancy hats? Did you get one of those too?
    Enjoy the sun!

  5. Phew - so much to catch up on- new bathing suits, new haircuts, new baby lambs - life is good! It is a good idea to stop and reflect on all of the wonderful things that happen in our lives on a regular basis. Enjoy the warm weather!

  6. Love the picture. Wow, those old bathing suits were form fitting!

    Have a great time!

  7. Oh I hope you are having fun wherever you are! Let us see a pic in your new swimsuit when you return and put our minds at ease as to your purchase!


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