Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday's Fave Five #1

I've checked this out several times and decided to jump in.

I think it's a great way to summarize the highlights of a busy week.

Sometimes there is so much on my heart but never enough
time to tell the whole story.

So I will share with you my Five Favorite highlights of this week.

1. Big surprise birthday once again, for John's father, Papa/Opa
He had no idea that all the grandchildren and
great grandchildren would gather together to celebrate his 97th birthday.
When he entered the door we all sang Happy Birthday, at least,
2 or 3 times. It's amazing to celebrate such a ripe old age.
Then we all stopped long enough to watch the launch of
STS - 119 Discovery at Cape Canaveral.
This was a real day to Celebrate.
The youngest 1/2 years.
The oldest 97.
Many years of traditions, celebrations, stories and experiences.

Peter, the oldest son is giving a tribute to Papa & Helen.

2. Appointments with my hair dresser.
He always says,
"Let's look deep into your roots."
I love being pampered and so today was the day.
As I walked into the shop he said,
"It's your day!"
What does that mean?
Someone had treated me...
My cost had been waived.
It was totally an overwhelming experience,
to be at the receiving end.
Thanks Alice.

3. Another surprise this week....
I received a package from a blogger friend.
The package contained a book called,
"Quiet moments with God."
How true, I never have enough of those.

I opened and looked at the first picture and commented,
"That pictures is totally me...."
We have not met, but she knew in her heart
who I was and the perfect gift.
Thank-you Char.

4. First Signs of Spring.
I love spring, watching the new buds form,

And better yet, watching nature take care of it's young.
I had never seen the lambing season.
It was such a highlight.
Cycling keeps me close to God's creation.

5. March 19th a celebration of Life.
Thirty eight years ago my husband was injured in a tragic farm accident.
He had his left leg severed and needed an amputation.
You can read his story.
He has been given a second chance to live life.
People ask, "Why are you celebrating such a horrific event?"
It's not with sadness, but it's truly living life with joy and peace.
His lifestyle was questionable at this time,
and today he expresses so much joy for having his life spared.
His faith became real to him.
We never know when it's our time...

I love this picture...I never met him with both legs.
He's as crazy as ever...
And he still loves skiing today.
I'm so grateful for this Day!

To share others Fave Fives, visit our hostess Susanne at
Living to Tell the Story.


  1. What an awesome list! Happy birthday to your Opa and may I say that cake certainly looks yummy with all that fresh fruit on it.

    It is so awesome that someone treated you to have your hair done. There's nothing like having a new "do".

    Tears came to my eyes as you shared about your hubby's accident. I love how he didn't let it keep him from living!

    God bless both of you!

  2. What a lovely first Friday Fave Five. It's a great way to celebrate highlights of the week.

    What an accomplishment - 97 years old! A beautiful cake too.

    I know exactly what you mean when you celebrate your husband's accident - life is precious - and when we go through very hard times we realize it all the more. And that's what makes those times worth celebrating.

    Love your new do! That's what I'm trying to grow my hair into. A slow process but it's coming

    Happy weekend!

  3. What a wonderful week you've had! So much to be thankful for!

  4. What a great list, Marg! Your husband is an amazing man and a living testimony to LIFE!

    Happy birthday to Opa!

    Eleanor has been out on the porch looking at airplanes all morning! Waving and asking if the cousins are waving back...

  5. The sheep are so pretty. Sounds like a good week.

  6. well, you are very welcome!

    sounds like a very eventful week, and to celebrate so many worthy things....why not, life is way to short!

  7. Amazing how much living can be packed into one week...I think you had a great one!

    Celebrating the accident is a good thing...we have one we celebrate over here as well. It's just good to pause at markers along the way...and be reminded of God's goodness.

    Great the way.

  8. Marg, that is an awesome list. . I love it.
    I also love your love of life and all that God blesses you with. You are one little firecracker. . your family is very blessed.
    Your hair is awesome. .wish I could see the front too.
    Have a great spring!!

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  11. Hi Mary! Welcome. We made it here. I'll send you an email that'll let you know how to link directly to your fave five post. But I'm really glad you still went ahead and linked.

    95! That is amazing. Happy Birthday to your Opa.

    Your husband's story from your words is amazing. I love the pic you put with it. What a testimony of God's grace in one's life through a tragic event. I love your outlook.

    Love your haircut too! What a lovely gift.

  12. Oops and that should have read Marg! I've got to slow down and proof read before I hit publish! Welcome Marg!

  13. Marg.. I love your fave five...a beautiful post!
    I understand your celebrating your husband's accident - horrific as it must have been at the time.
    My husband is thankful too for a VERY difficult time in his life because it brought him to the Lord.

    And how wonderful to celebrate 97 years young! I know he must have loved to have all his children and grandchildren come to bless him!

    Awww.. the little lambs. It has been a life-time desire of mine to hold a little lamb. Maybe one day... smile

    And I do love your haircut! Looks good from the back too.. smile

  14. This is a fabulous list. I love that picture of your husband. What an amazing testimony!

    Thanks for stopping by my fave 5 post.


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