Sunday, March 8, 2009

Do You Know HIM?

One day we celebrate a 97th birthday.
One day we celebrate the passing of another brother.
One day a new baby is born,
and the next day a beloved father, grandfather and uncle
have passed on to eternity.

I had the table set for Uncle Walter on Papa's 97th birthday.
His chair was empty...
But he chose to sit at the table of Jesus instead.

So we were gathered together on two occasions,
in one week to celebrate life.

Walter lived a humble life.
He was a man of deep conviction for his faith.
He served his church with loyalty.
He served his community generously.
He served his family with genuine love and respect.
He loved his wife and cared deeply for her.
'Till death do us part.'

He lived a simple life.

"Till death do us part"

At this little church people gathered together
to pay their last respects.

The pastor shared these words.

"The Lord has mercy on those who respect him,
as a father has mercy on his children.

He knows how we were made;

he remembers that we are dust.

Human life is like grass;
we grow like a flower in the field.
After the wind blows, the flower is gone,

and there is no sign of where it was.
But the lord's love for those who respect him
continues forever and ever,
and his goodness continues to their grandchildren

and to those who keep his agreement
and who remember to obey his orders."
Psalm 103:13-18

Life is interesting.
Life does not come to us in a series of neat little packages.
There is never a convenient time set aside for joy or sorrow.
Life goes on and we can only do the best we can in the
mixed up nature of what needs to be done.
I am grateful to know God and can pray
to know God's wisdom in the choices
that are made and to trust in his
strength which gives us hope.

You too can know Him!


  1. Each day we share with a loved one is a gift from God. It is how we live and share those days that make us worthy. What a smile God and Uncle Walter must be sharing.

  2. Thank you Marg, that is beautiful..

  3. I'm sorry you have lost an uncle, Marg. But the 'saving grace' is that it's not forever. What a comfort!

  4. Great tribute to a beloved uncle, Marg.

    And a beautiful new header!

  5. My condolences to you and your family Marg! Your Uncle Walter is now safely home and rejoicing with his dear Elfriede now in the Lord's grace.

    {{{ Hugs }}} pat

  6. Marg, we met yesterday!! What a surprise!.. and yes, I do recall the times back in ..what? '96? good church days. But something intriques me..... that interesting 'flower vase', that holds the tulips?? Where, oh where, does it come from???


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