Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cycling in March?

It was a cool spring morning.
Fresh frost lay on the creeks edges.
But my teacher friend is happy.
It's Spring Break!

After cycling past the farmers fields,
who were all spreading fresh manure,
we were happy to smell the fresh aroma of coffee beans.

Let me introduce to you, "The Back Porch"
Dan & Lynda invite you to visit their pottery studio
or watch coffee being roasted in a circa 1919 Flame Roaster.

They are located on 6116 Golf Road, just off Hwy.#9
on route to Harrison Hot Springs.
1919 Flamed Coffee Roaster

These are specialty coffees from all over the world.

One can never stop by without purchasing a few pounds
of freshly ground beans or maybe some green beans?
Are you beginning to catch the drift?

What on earth do they want with green beans?

It doesn't take long, once we're home and I begin
to smell and see smoke coming from the shop....
I run out before calling 911.....
The Teachers are busy roasting their own coffee.

Already packaged, "Driftwood" named after the Teachers dog.
Patented and ready to go.
Stop by and taste some freshly brewed coffee.

It's my goal to cycle and discover new sites
on our Circle Farm Tour.
I will keep you posted.

Would of any of you like to join me on my bike tour?
By the way, it's snowing outside....
So we may have to postpone our next event.
I thought Spring had arrived.

I think I'll grind myself another cup of fresh coffee and hibernate.


  1. oh i can smell the coffe already!!!
    not enough nice weather to go cycling yet, but we are getting there!

  2. We toured The Back Porch coffee roaster last year...a great place to visit. Green coffee seems appropriate for today...since everyone seems to be talking 'green'...but I'll stop by for a cup of your fresh-brewed Driftwood! Did you really pedal all that way in this weather?

  3. I wish I lived close enough to stop by and share a cup of fresh brewed coffee. Sometimes it is enough just to smell that wonderful aroma.

  4. Sounds like a fun little adventure with your daughter . . . . cycling and coffee.

  5. I'll come .. but I only have a bike built for two . .so I need a partner. . .
    Fresh roasted beans. . .sounds just wonderful.

  6. Bike riding! I can't wait. The Professor and I took a ride earlier this month. I'll join you! Especially if there's coffee involved.

  7. They were sooo excited to do that with you guys! Looks like such a fun day! Isn't the coffee great! LOVE LOVE LOVE those two...... and you and John also!

  8. Nothing smells nicer than freshly ground coffee - except freshly brewed coffee!

    We're not riding our bikes yet - but it won't be too long now. we have a lovely sunny day that is sure to make a dent in our snow piles. what a winter!

    Looking forward to more of your bike tours.

  9. I would love to be your biking buddy! Still a bit too snowy/muddy/slushy but soon the roads will be clear! Keep on living healthy! :)

  10. You never cease to amaze me....that's all I can say! Just where does all that energy come from.

  11. how come am I now referred to as my mother's 'teacher friend'?

  12. Oh Marg --this post made me want another cup of coffee and I've had four today :-) Nothing like freshly roasted coffee! It smells so good!


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