Friday, March 20, 2009

A Back View!

I've been trying hard to join Fave Five,
and I noticed my current link is not showing on everybody's blog.
So I'm posting a quick picture of one of my Favorites this week,
in hopes that my blog is alive.....
Let me know if my link is working again.
I need a techy permanently.
Trial and error keeps us alive.
Scroll down to read my FAVE Five.



  1. Your link is working on Google reader Marg.

    I had trouble with this week too. everyone on my list had to re-subscribe.

  2. Is that you? You look like a young girl!! Good for you!

    (Oh, how cool....the word verification is "ferne" grandma's name! Hi, Grandma! I miss you!)

  3. Love the hair Marg!! This looks like the cut I'd love.

  4. Hey, nice 'do'. I am NOT a techno and am clueless as to what you are even talking about...fave five...but that is okay...grin. I'm just along for the 'ride'.

  5. I got here, and you look fine to me. But, I'm no expert.

    Your fab five are great. There is so much in our lives to give us joy, and you are so good about sharing yours.

  6. Nice hair cut...and good color too! How nice that someone surprised you and paid for it!

    Regarding a former post...that bike ride looks so fun! I recently visited my parents at the beach, and their friend didn't want her beach bike anymore. So I talked my parents into letting me bring it home. There are no gears, and the brakes are the old-fashioned kind--on the pedals. It's got white-walls and its flaming green.

    I'm off for my first ride today, after I accomplish something paperwork and bills.


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