Friday, February 13, 2009

Who Stole My Thunder?

Who's Birthday is it anyways?
Last year my DH either forgot or was confused?
So in order to remind him....
I made My blog his Home Page for today.

Who's who?

Do you see some similarities?

It doesn't take much to figure this one out.
Anyways we're both celebrating the same days.
She was born on my 30th birthday.
What a workout!!!

The only difference is age.....

What do we have in common?


Is that your surfboard tied to your bike?

Tropical Hawaiian Beaches

Take Chances!

Daring and risk-taking.

Looks like you are in a pickle again....

Go Where you've Never been before.
Look how high I can jump...

And let the sun shine on your back.
Happy Birthday Mikki!
It's been fun celebrating over the years together.
Many wonderful memories.
Don't forget,
"It's my birthday too."

"Twenty years from now you will be more disapponted by the things
you didn't do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover."


  1. What beautiful pictures!! Wishing a wonderful day, and weekend, to both of you! And MANY more adventures. Dairymary

  2. Happy Birthday Dear Friend! Great pictures...I don't think that I have ever seen pictures of you as a kid. Wishing you the most wonderful and adventurous day ever...with many smiles!

  3. happy b-day to you and your daughter my friend.
    hope you have a wonderful day celebrating.

  4. Marg. . . Happy Birthday to you. . oh goodness what a special blessing to have a daughter. . .and then to have her born on your birthday.
    I love the pictures.. .all of them, I certainly do see the similarities. . and oh how I love how you love life and . . .well I've come to think of you as a bit of an energizer bunny. You are such a wonderful girl. . . we are all so blessed to have you in our circle.
    Many happy returns of the day. . .for you and your beautiful daughter. .

  5. Happy Birthday, Marg! And how special to share it with you daughter. That makes it especially hard to forget the day, right?

    May you have a most wonderful year...go places you have not been before...and do things you have always wished to do (and maybe I could even share a few of your adventures!).

    Happy Brithday, Marg...on a very good Friday the thirteenth.

  6. Oh have a wonderful day Marg...both you and your daughter. What a thrill of a life so far you two have had together...and on your own...your adventuresome spirits leading both of you! Love the pics.

  7. Happy Birthday, Marg! I know what it's like to celebrate a special day with a daughter because Krstal was born on our 5th wedding anniversary. I have to smile at Lovellas' energizer bunny comment. Is there a secret you have that you could share with us, or is it just the genes? I hope you have a wonderful day. One of these days we have to get together and celebrate a few birthdays!

  8. I hope you both had a wonderful birthday. My grandmother shared a birthday with one of her sons, and I always thought it was cool. I was born on one of my grandfathers' birthday.

    Be sure to let us know what you did for the special days.

  9. Happy birthday Marg to you and your daughter. I can see some similarites in the pics and in what you both are adventuresome that's for sure. Many more adventures to both of you!

  10. Happy Birthday Marg

    You are an amazing woman and mean the world to me. You are truly my best friend and partner through all our years together. You are a fighter, you never give up, and I love that about you. You are the nicest person I have ever met. You are a role model for me and our family.

    You are simple, but very complex and I love that about you. This is an outer layer (smile and charisma) that is easy to read and understand - that makes someone fall in love with you. Then there is that inner part that never-ending unconditional inner love of caring about your family’s daily lives (& friends), your continuous prayers, with great food of course, and which all lead to your enthusiastic emphatic enjoyment of journeying with me (us). Not only me and the family, but with all the people that cross your track.

    You are picky about the smallest things sometimes. While I don't understand it all the time, I wouldn't change it for the world. Changing that would be changing you - and I'd like to keep you just the way you are because...I love that about you. (On occasion it now is my fault ”That fussy German”)

    You help me grow as a person. You haven't let me stagnate in this relationship. I relax into things very easily and become complacent (on my chair). You challenge me, even when I am dead tired, have kept me on the ball (literally sports) and expanding as a person. Marg's famous quote to me “WORK FOR THE NIGHT IS COMING”. I love that about you, even when you sing that at midnight.

    You have always supported me. You haven't always agreed with me (thank goodness), but you support me regardless. Your amazing wisdom has always been for the good of our relationship, the family and spiritually. I love that about you.

    Most of all I love that I met you (thanks to a Vyecroft farm cow sale), fell in love with you (your smile, love of live, enthusiasm and your skills in farming, example milking cows), married you and have grown with you each and every day.

    I admire you Marg, how you can see God’s handiwork in everything and every person around you, which I so often take for granted. Whether neighbors, friends, sunsets, hiking, swimming, travelling, blogging, “SPORTS”, and a baby’s mess) I love that about you.

    God Bless you with many more years with that same passion, enthusiasm, zeal and wisdom for many more up and coming years. Your feature wall shows your passion with the words of “LIVE,LOVE, LAUGH”

    Happy Birthday and Valentines day Love John

  11. Happy Birthday to both of you!
    I see where she gets her love of daring adventures and her zest for life.

  12. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to both of you! I am wishing you years of laughter, adventures, smiles, love, beautiful moments, giggles...and so much more, my dear blogging friend! And please tell John that his words brought a tear or two to my eye. His words from the heart were the best gift - in my opinion! Celebrate!

  13. You and your daughter do look are both beautiful .... and how special to share a birthday smile..

    John's tribute to you is beautiful! I chuckled about him meeting you at a cow sale. I'd love to hear that story... maybe in a post? Please?

  14. Well...that must have been the best birthday present you ever received...a daughter! And you are still enjoying that special gift.

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

    That was a beautiful tribute from your husband!

  15. Belated Happy Birthday Marg! I can't think of a better birthday gift than to have a daughter on your birthday....Hope the day was a happy one for both of you!

    Your husband wrote such a special tribute to you here! That is true love sweet!


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