Friday, February 27, 2009

What Does R Mean to You?

This week I'm going to play along with my friend Willow.
Willow is an expert at knitting plus has a variety of interests.
A few weeks back she challenged her blogging friends with a meme:
giving a letter of the alphabet,
plus adding photos and words that remind us of that letter.

So this week I will play along.
The letter that the Professor gave me is R.
This has been chosen randomly by his special formula.

I've been plagued with this word.
My first thoughts are RAIN


Flowers for my birthday.


ROTARY Cutter used to make a.....

RAG Quilt!
My First!

Playing ROOK!

RUNNING my sewing machine!

Accepting an invite via email to attend
a Phoenix NBA Game with Steve Nash!
All I had to do was RESPOND and REPLY!
What a wonderful RELAXING weekend ahead.
(It's a belated Birthday gift.)

Oh and don't forget where I will be this weekend.
At UBC watching the TWU Spartans
continuing their fight to the Nationals in March.

If you wish to play this Meme with me,
please let me know....
I'll let the Professor give you the next letter.
Why not join in the Fun????


  1. What about "rest", "resign" and "retire"? Well, maybe not quite yet....however a really good post. Love the quilt pieces and look forward to seeing it done. Steve Nash? really? sounds delightful...and the birthday flowers are amazing! happy to play along...send forth the letter...

  2. Right on! What wonderful RRRR's you have in your life. I'm still curious about Steve Nash sending you an e-mail...and your response...and who else he invited. Have a fun weekend...ROOTING for your team.

    If the professor send Z or we have an exchange option?

  3. Ah yes. . I've been meaning to as the professor for a letter as well.
    Your R post is great. . .I laughed at the first comment. . you know none of those r's do you?

  4. I thought for sure you'd add RUN as in run to the top of a mountain! I love the ROTARY and RAG quilt! Thanks for the RIPPING good time!

  5. Thanks Lovella for your wild comments. It was so hard to find things with R...
    Willow, that's why I'm Running my sewing machine. I had a picture of running...but on the other hand...

  6. Celebrate! You are going to a Phoenix Suns game - tell me more! I think I might enjoy playing this letter game! By the way - there is a surprise for you over at my place! Hope you had a fun weekend!

  7. Your did an grrrrrrreat job, Marg! I loved your beautiful birthday flowers!

    I can't wait to see the finished quilt. I see you had a little helper :-)

  8. Hello good to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I just had to come and check out your letter "R" too! How fun, we did have many the same.

    I'm guessing you found me through Judy, at "My Front Porch"? I just love her blog.

    Looking forward to coming back here and seeing what you've been up to!


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