Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Snow Day AGAIN!

Am I dreaming?
My Oak Tree has snow again.
I've been collecting a sequence of pictures on how this tree
looses it's leaves in the early spring and forms buds during the same time,
to be posted at a later date.
I find this process so unusual, unlike most deciduous trees,
but fascinating to watch the new growth.

I've been thinking about changing my winter template
to something more springy.
But now I know why.

After last weeks warm blast of air,
I thought winter was over.
I had spent the days outside,
cleaning the yard, pruning the shrubs,
dreaming of new plants and flowers,
planning for my vegetable garden,
having coffee breaks outside....
And here I am.
Another cold front has hit us, how long who knows.
The north east is blowing.

Maybe it's just a good day to make some home-made bread,
a bowl of soup and work on some scrap-booking.
I love snowy days...
But I think we're due for a change.

Maybe they will close down the schools and my
Teacher friends will stop by to play in the snow again.


  1. The tree sequencing pictures are a great idea.

    I'm really not ready for winter to end yet. It is such an odd thing for me to think each season will now only last about 3 months instead of the southern way of all summer with just hints of winter fall and spring. Snow DOES it for me...maybe the hot flashes have something to do with it too.

  2. Can you believe it? How crazy is this. . I'm taking pictures outside today too. .
    Your tree sequence pictures are a great idea.

  3. well, i must say i don't feel quite so bad

  4. More snow! You'll just have to hope your friends come by to play.

  5. Well I too had thought this was in the past...but I guess we'll just have to enjoy another round. What was I thinking...packing away those winter clothes a few days ago? It's a good day for playing cards...indeed!

  6. I could hardly believe it when we heard about the snow today! Enjoy the coziness inside!

  7. I love the snow on the trees but I must say I was not happy to see the winter weather back again. It is changing up afew plans I had for this week. Oh well that is just life. Enjoy the warmth of the soup and bread. Kathy

  8. Gorgeous picture...could it be that you are "practicing"? Seriously, the snow is kind of fun if you don't have to be inconvenienced....took me half an hour to dig out of the parking lot tonight....and then i went home with the Bingo machine...maybe next time...

  9. Soup and bread sound perfect for a snow day Marg! Enjoy the snow, it will disappear quickly I'm sure. Char and I were ready to hop on a plane but I think we can wait..

  10. Hi Marg!

    We are still far from Spring and I've learned not to plant anything till May as the weather is so changeable. I hope your new snow melts quickly and you cna get back to garden plans.

    I'd love to see photos of your tree change with the seasons -- nice idea!

  11. Hi - I love the idea of sequencing pictures. We had two mini-storms in the last week and supposedly there is a big snowstorm headed here for Sunday so...

    My son and I tapped trees last Saturday in hopes of making our own maple syrup. We need cold nights and warm sap yet! Enjoy your weekend!


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