Monday, February 23, 2009

She's Well Focused!

Focus and Click!!

Happy Birthday Lovella,

It was two years ago that someone told me to check out your blog.

I loved it!

I was inspired!



A year later we had the opportunity to meet.

You, truly are a person who loves,

who cares,

who sees a person's needs and fills it,

who spends energy on others rather than herself.

The ripples of kindness flows outward

as each person you have touched,

touches others.

Your birthday deserves to be a National Holiday.

May the love you have shown to others,

return to you, multiplied.

May your life be filled with dazzling blessings,

just as I am blessed by being your friend.

Stay Focused My Friend, as we continue to Click.

I wish you the happiest of birthdays
and many many more.


  1. Oh Marg. .. you make me laugh. .amidst the tears. .
    I am absolutley humbled by all these wonderful posts by you girls. . I am just speechless. .
    When I woke up this morning. . I came to check that mine has posted okay .. and felt again that it was a lame post. .but then my sidebar lit up. . and woo hoo. .the party had begun.
    Thank you Marg for your very kind words. .I am so very humbled. .and tickled pink.

  2. Beautifully said, Marg ! I love your photos !!

  3. Well you captured another great talent of Lovella's ...
    Beautiful post.

  4. Great post, Marg! You caught her with camera in hand...we usually just see what's at the other end of her lens. And yes...Lovella has a way of putting things in focus...of reminding us 'what matters most'.

  5. Oh what the hey...let's lobby for a global holiday for Lovella. No sense trying to limit it to her Canada, then America would want in on it.. then South America (all the Meno Mennos down there love her too...) would want to celebrate.
    So who is up to a trip at the UN to get this ball rolling?

  6. Great post Marg..'keeping secrets' worked well..

  7. Happy Birthday to your dear friend. It seems she is a well loved lady.

  8. I agree - a great gal and we wish her many happy times this year.

  9. Beautiful words for a beautiful friend!

  10. Yes, it's me from afar, Marg! Had to take a peek when I could. So fun!


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