Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gone Forever!

I thought this was a weekend for memories.
Well just as most of you know,
it is so easy to delete all your photos from your SD Card.

Yup! I did it!
I thought that I had nicely downloaded all my pics,
in the right folders, with the correct topics and guess what?
I didn't grab all the photos and without knowing it,
I promptly deleted my SD Card.....
Gone Forever!!!

But I might as well share what there is left
It was 35 years ago that John took me up to Sunshine Banff.
I took lessons.
He took lessons.
And the only music I heard echoing from the
village was that of the Carpenters.
"I'm on Top of the World"
It was played through and through.

Thirty five years later,
as we drove up to Big White,
We played that song over and over
flooding our minds with memories long ago.
Enjoy the song....
turn up your speakers.

"I'm on top of the world, looking down on creation,

And the only explanation I can find....

It's the love that I found, ever since you've been around,

Your love's put me on top of the world.

I promptly start with warm up exercises!!

And he skis.

Look at those wee little ones.
Come on all of you Grandmas.
I think this would be a great place for Cousin Camp.
When do you want to meet me at the top?
We could have so much fun!!!

The best part is left for your imagination.
My adult children decided to organize their own ski weekend,
as you know, independently.
And we decided to plan our own quiet get-away.
I mean, taken for granted there all adults.
Do they really need us that much anymore?
They had reserved their own accommodations.
But coincidentally, we all collided with our ski dates.

In the wee hours of the night,
the phone rings....
"Can we move in?"

To make a long story short:
Four adult children,
all professionals,
moved in a small studio....
Do you know how big a studio is????
One bed?
The rest remains unsaid.

Maybe next year we'll call on them.
Birthdays were celebrated and memories were made.


  1. Ohhhh Marg! I'm soo sorry you lost your photos...old technology was in some ways better.. it was a LITTLE harder to throw away your negatives.
    I'm sure the memories in your heart will not be deleted! And heart memories are the best after all!

  2. too bd you lost your pictures!
    but how many pictures do you really need right?
    wow your kids wanted to join you...that says alot about you as parents....amazing, what a gift.

  3. I never delete my chip. I figure at about 20 a chip, I can afford to keep all the pictures, and save the all the chips. If we ever needed to evacuate the chips will fit in my pocket in a sealed bag, and I can always reload them even if servers or computers crash.

    Living in hurricane/tornado country teaches you about such things!

  4. too bad! But you'll have the memories without the photos this time...and it sounds like you made some great ones. I am stiff after one day of gardening...not sure how you manage a week of skiing?!?!

  5. I'm sorry to hear about the pictures


    I bet the memories are etched in your heart

    It sounds like a wonderful time!

  6. I think it's funny about your kids renting a place that turned up to be too small for them. Could it have been because they knew that Dad and Mom had lots of room? Do things ever change? Glad you had a great time! Dairymary

  7. It's not that the place turned out too small for us... no... the place had plenty of room. It was the bed bugs... stinky sheets... late night partiers sleeping on the bunks above us... and the disgusting garbage left all around our room prior to our arrival.

    Suggestion: stay away from the Big WHite Hostel.

    Other suggestion: if you do go to the hostel, make sure your parents are staying somewhere else on the hill so you have a place to opt out too.

  8. Oh no! I am so sorry about the photos! Do you have ANY copies?

    Um, next year, just rent a big place!

  9. So sorry to hear about your photo loss Marg! That is the only bad thing about digital. Now you'll have to go out and make more new memories.

    Glad you had a fun skiing!

  10. OH Enjoy those memories. YOu may not have all the pictures but I love the ones you posted. . .
    I have also deleted mine once. . but they weren't that important. . it would make me crazy.
    Oh and the song. . .yes. . .on top of the world was always a favorite.

  11. Ugh! Major bummer there. :-(

    But, you both looks so cute. And, I love this song. It sure brings back memories.

  12. That sounds like so much fun, all of you in a little room. It is great when kids want to be with their parents. Too bad about your pictures though, I deleted ours from a trip to Saskatchewan 2 years ago. I was sick.

  13. That is too bad to lose all your pics but I agree with the rest that the memories will stay in your heart.
    Loved the pics you shared and the music!

  14. Glad you had a good time with the family.

    I used to snow ski before I got married. Then things changed!

    I'm sad about your pictures. But there are still pictures in your mind...that you won't forget, right?
    Good memories!


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