Friday, February 20, 2009

Is this Your Daughter?

I walk into the game....
I'm looking....
Sports enthusiasts are lined up and down the sidelines.
I've never experienced this hype before.
As you all know I follow the TWU Spartans BB Team.
One bloggy friend and I have been emailing,
asking me to look out for her daughter,
who was scheduled to play Volleyball the same evening.
What better occasion than to meet one another.

I had brought a small gift along to send back with her....
I'm looking....and check the women's locker room....
No such person!
Only to learn I had looked at the wrong team!
I thought she was playing on the TWU Womens Volleyball team.

Second night...
I can't find Amy.
I continue my mission and go directly to the Women's locker room.
To all avail, the coach has rushed the girls through and they are off for supper.
Then while I'm sitting at the game I meet some more parents from the same region.
There son plays on the TWU Spartan team.
There son and Amy know each other....
I'm so close....
but I was told that Amy had just left.

Third night....
I'm back in the TWU Gym cheering on the Spartans to a final victory.
Ya Hoo!!!!
I left my package at home thinking that Amy was to return to her hometown.

All of a sudden a young beautiful athletic girl scrambles up the bleachers.
"Are you Mr. Bartel?"
He looks at me in a puzzled fac and I said,
"Are you Amy?"
At last we had met...
And my package was left at home.
I thought she had gone back and I missed her.
What a wonderful surprise!

Does anyone recognize her?
She plays for the Manitoba Bisons!!
That's a real give away.
I know her Mom will be so proud that we finally caught up.
"Mom, you've done a great job."
Amy, the package will catch up a bit later!!

The final score of the evening.....87-85!
Yes, the TWU Spartans won their first round against UVIC.
(it was actually an upset)

What a chaotic up roar from the TWU Spartans.
It was truly unbelievable!
Pandemonium reigned in the TWU Gym at the unbelievable win.

Now this weekend we're off to UBC to watch the
the two top teams battle for first place in the Pacific Division.
We still have a chance for the Nationals!!
Don't ever give up!!!

Who wants to come along???
Let's cheer with the TWU Spartans.


  1. Oh goodness Marg.. .you should be cheered for your determination to find Amy. So .. she asked your husband . . are you Mr. Bartel? and then your husband wonders. . .what's going on?
    Oh how fun. She is a beautiful looking girl with a bright and energetic smile. I'm so glad you were able to meet the girl of the bloggy friend we love.
    Go .. Spartans. . .

  2. How wonderful that you could connect. Your determination and her risk as she approached...great story and a great result!

  3. i know that she was very happy to connect with you....i am honestly amazed that she made such an effort, but she knows how dear my blogging friends are to me....she just loves you enthusiasim for sports and that you must be a very fun person! yey for your team, there is a little home town pride for us there with ryan playing for the team.....i hope they make it all the way...keep us posted!

  4. How fun...meeting that way! And I had to laugh at Lovella's comment...wondering who was Amy questioning?

    I'm always up for basketball...watching, that is! Now UBC is a little far away...but maybe it would make for a good outing. I'm sure I'll have no trouble finding you in the stands. May the Spartans go all the way!

  5. Cool post, Marg! Love the lighted gym photos and the video. They caught my eye in the thumbnail because a gym is such a familiar place.

  6. What a neat post Marg..I am so glad you managed to meet up with Amy after all those attempts!
    Char..Amy looks like you! Good genes..

  7. I'm glad I finally got to meet you the third night. Better late than never. No worries about your gift, I was just glad we got to meet. Hopefully I'll be out in BC again with my team next season!

  8. How fun! I remember sitting in the airport waiting to meet Amy's Mom for the first time. I was so excited as I watched and waited for her. I'm sure you both had that same feeling. I see your Mama in ya' Amy! It's the sweet smile! Kathy


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