Monday, February 9, 2009

The Complete Champion Approach

TWU Spartans motto is:
The Complete Champion Approach.

I want to highlight three individuals who have applied this approach.
Jacob Doerksen has been recruited as one of the top players in Canada.
But Jacob does not only play the game.
He cares about people.

Take a look at this video clip.
CTV had an interview with Jacob.
This man has chosen friendship with Trevor Klassen over stardom.

I also want to honor another young man, Jon Schmidt.
Inspite of his challenges with knee injuries, he too,
stands out in his team, always analyzing,
strategizing, coaching, and encouraging the team.
Jon is an icon to many young athletes.
He cares deeply about his teammates.
He's the kind of guy who knows how to "give his mates a cup of water."

You can always catch Vic discussing with his son,
the strategies of each game, prior to the countdown.

A few months back, Vic was the highest bidder for a ticket
to join Coach Allen and the TWU Spartans, on the bench,
during their rival game against U of VIC.

As we drove to the game,
I noticed he was sporting a brand new TWU Spartan shirt,
that he proudly wore:
a gift from his family for his most recent milestone birthday.
One of his dreams was becoming a reality.

As Vic entered the gym, he proceeded to the teams locker room,
while we waited proudly, for him to step out, with the team.
And there he was.....
And we all applauded him!
I noticed how he walked alongside,
giving encouraging comments to the team players.
I saw Coach Allen (TWU Coach) walk up to Vic and exchange welcoming words.
Vic then proceeded to walk over the court to the opposing team,
and shake the hands of Coach BrianCheng. (Coach of Victoria Vikings)
He was smiling and grinning from ear to ear.
We all cheered along while TWU squeaked by with a winning score.
TWU Spartans 87-83.

Vic also takes pride in his farming.
You will find his advertisements in the Holstein Journals.
He does not just advertise his purebred genetics
but he promotes his love for his Family and the Game.

The background of his advertisement page is a basketball court,
with his son Jon shooting at the hoop.
His captions?
"Scoring beyond the Arc"
"Rookies in Red"
"Starters on our Genetic Team"

His wonderful wife and companion, Elsie would never miss a game.

Vic, you've always modeled the Complete Champion Approach.
You already have a winning Team.
(You'll notice Trevor sitting next to Vic)
So are we off to the Nationals?
Those decisions will be decided this weekend.
TWU is fighting again,
against the Victoria Vikings for a position in the Western finals.
Guess where I'll be....


  1. Go Spartans. .
    What a great approach to winning games. . and how awesome to see such a honouring approach to sports.
    I always smile at your zest and enthusiasm to anything sportsy.

  2. Wishing TWU Spartans much success in their bid to go all the way! How fun to see Vic enjoying his 'moment on the bench' with the Spartans...he will relish that opportunity for a long time.

  3. i love your tribute to these fine men....there is so much integrity in being a team player and a coach who helps make the team a winning team and keeping spirits high is a must.
    speaking of sporty things, my daughter will be out playing twu this weekend in v-ball. maybe she will have a chance to see the court, she has been out injured most of the season...non the less, she too is a team player and even if she can't start she is cheering them on the whole or lose!

  4. i just wanted to comment on the video clip....what a gem in that friendship between these two young men....such love is hard to find and it is very touching!
    our family is divided between v-ball and b-ball so we have lots of games to go watch!

  5. Heart warming and touching!
    Hope your team makes the finals..cheer on Marg!

  6. Good luck to the Spartans - and to Vic.

    I love basketball. One of the reasons I am so supportive of our Duke Blue Devils is because Coach K cares so deeply. He and his team are wonderful with their support of Duke Children's Hospital.

  7. What an inspirational interview! Looks like this team already has a winning combination - in more ways than one!!


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