Monday, January 26, 2009

Simple Organizational Tips.

I have no clue where the time is going.
The weekend is past and we did a little bit of this and a bit of that.

I've had a project on my mind for the past years???
Yes, sometimes it takes me awhile to figure things out
and then finally it all comes together.
Off to Vancouver we went, in search for a wall unit.
I can't stand stuff lying around all over the place.
And finally with the addition of our grandsons,
there was a new need:
Storage for there Toys.
Well I found a solution to my problem,
and I'm always thankful to my partner,
who loves to escort me to Vancouver,
granted we only eat a 50 cent hot dog at IKEA.

Anyways I had packed my tape measure and was enjoying looking around.
As most of you know....that's fun.
We finally found what we thought would look perfect...
packed it up and we headed, Home Again.

This is my mudroom before,
It wasn't bad, but what it needed was some space management.

Saturday was a cold wintry day with wind chills up to -15.
As I was busy in the kitchen, using my culinary skills,
he was in the back of the truck assembling the new storage units.
Just bake a man his favorite pie, and he'll do anything for you.

There are Days and there are Days....
Today I felt domesticated and baked up a storm.
After all it's birthday month in our family.
Over the next month we will celebrate 10 immediate birthdays.
So I started with Anneliese's bread, it's to die for....
Then, Trudy's Granola is always a staple,
Cake of Genoa from Lovella for the Birthday girl.
And of course my own home made pie.
All these recipes can be found on the
Mennonite Girls Can Cook Blog.

With the help of adult children,
it didn't take long and the results were visible.
As you can see, the red and green boxes are color-coded for those little men.
It keeps things simple and clean.
They were a Hit...
There's even some space left.

So of course we celebrated and had pie for breakfast...

When you couldn't find those boys,
we all knew they were in the Mud Room,
examining there new color-coded boxes.

So much for my weekend.
Guess who's birthday we celebrated?


  1. Baking...organizing...and shopping at Ikea all sound like perfect winter sports! And your mudroom/toystore looks great. So do we get to see birthday girl's finished cake?

    Are you up to a very cold winter walk? Brrrrr!

  2. Oh I haven't seen your boys in a while, they are so cute. Oh and your new mudroom organizing space is fantastic. . .good job on getting a date out of the deal. I'd rather eat a 50 cent hotdog with someone I love than a fancy dinner with an irritant. smile.

  3. Oh that looks great! What a good "accomplished' feeling you both must have had! Even makes me feel good!=)

  4. I love being organized! (Although right now I'm not!) And isn't Ikea the BEST place for storage and book shelves?

    Whose birthday is next? Yours? or one of the little ones?

  5. I am very impressed...the storage unit looks perfect and the colourful bins certainly add a touch of life. Your little guys are adorable. Birthdays and parties - so I hope that Suzanne had a good one...and is the next John's? Nothing but good times ahead it seems.

  6. What a great cook you are! I hope you had lot's of fun eating it!


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