Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Birthday Mania

The Teacher is getting older.
This angel was born on January 27, 1980.

Was she an angel?
She loved life right from the beginning.
Animals was the name of the game.

It didn't take long and I realized,
I did not have a girl who wanted dolls.
She wanted to feed the animals, play with them, pet them.
She wanted to go camping, fishing, motorbiking.

Ah, Ha!!! I did catch a picture with her in a dress.
There are the girls, Mikki & Suzanne in their twin dresses
and their ever popular Cabbage Patch Doll.
That was short lived.

And yes, she does play the violin.
It's music to my ears.
Maybe she'll perform for the next birthday.

But of course it's more fun playing with friends.

And as most of you know her today,
she is our Teacher and she loves to hike,
surf, snow board, cycle and you name it...
Live outdoors!
Everything but cook!

Yesterday we celebrated with the family.
A festive meal around the table,
accompanied by playing on the floor with the Little Men.

And then....it was time to dress up!!!
Oh, yes!
These adults checked out all the family pictures on my fridge
and decided it was time to make a new tradition.
Family Pictures!
And then the Dog....In the House????
Oh No!!!
They wanted to have their picture on the fridge,
but it needed to look different than everyone else.

Not only inside, but we all needed to go outside,
bundle into our warm winter coats,
stand freezing, waiting for the photographer,
jumping up and down, holding hands,
just to keep warm,
all for the sake of a
Family Picture!

Yes, we had another birthday,
and we made some new memories,
Happy Birthday Suzanne!


  1. Love the walk down memory lane and your journey to new memories! Suzanne is a very special person...we wish her a fabulous day as she continues to celebrate today!

  2. Happy birthday, Suzanne! My memories of 'the teacher' go back a few years...when she was in a carpool to school...and I was one of the privileged drivers. She always had a smile...no matter how early the hour...and a good sense of humour even then.

    And I so enjoyed listening to her play violin...accompanying the worship team on occasion...and serenading the residents of Heritage Village on a Sunday afternoon. She knew how to make it sing.

    Enjoy your birthday celebrations!

  3. Happy Birthday, Suzanne!
    Smile...Family fun! what is better? Putting it up on the fridge to cheer you every time you open the fridge door!

  4. It looks like a fun birthday party! Dairymary

  5. You guys know how to have fun! And it didnt' even cost anything! =) Happy Birthday, Suzanne! I remember you playing the violin in a little school string group with my girls.

  6. was it the 26th or 27th? hehehe

    Happy Birthday Suzanne

  7. The author decided to add some pictures of the Violin which many of you do remember her performing beautifully. She has the knack.

  8. Your new family picture is fantastic and Happy Birthday to your teacher.

  9. Happy Birthday Suzanne! I love those new photos for displaying on the fridge! I love the violin..wish one of my family would take lessons.

  10. Thank you all for the Birthday wishes! i wish i still had those overalls with my name on them. :) - Suzanne

  11. Happy Birthday Susanne!

  12. Happy Birthday Suzanne and Congrats to Marg ~ you obviously raised a wonderful daughter - talented, bright, healthy, active, curious, compassionate ~ you did good! I love the family pictures. Celebrate!

  13. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter Suzanne, Marg! I know you must be very proud of her!

    Your family photo shot is wonderful!

  14. happy b-day suzanne........wow you just look like a really fun family!

  15. 1980...a very good year for having wonderful babies who grew up to become amazing adults..FAST!

  16. I liked your family pictures! Pictures to treasure.

    I wish Suzanne a very happy birthday.

    I have never played the violin, but I've always wanted to try. (that and the Cello)

  17. Wonderul memories and beautiful family. This warms my heart.

    It seems like a perfect day for the birthday girl.


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