Monday, January 5, 2009

And You Want the Family Farm?

It's midnight and
they are all snuggled in their feathers sleeping soundly.

We, the parents are still outside,
shoveling snow at what time?
Yes, it's midnight and we've had a dump!

The snow is level with the front steps and
I declared the front entrance CLOSED!
He took the front end loader and blocked the sidewalk.
No more shoveling than necessary, for me.

"Wake up little ones."
The farm chores need to be done.
Not like your regular work hours,
punching the clock from 8-4.

And Oh!, I'm so tired"
I hear those words echoed many times.
Bless your hearts dear ones.

The day has just begun.
It's midnight and their's work to be done.
The trucks can't get through....
They are stuck!
Can we still get some more grain?
Who's awake at this hour?
The schedule is off and so are we.

But the coffee's made and off to the farm we go....
Yes, there's work to be done.

And you want the family farm?
I saw you all enjoying a hearty lunch today.
I didn't hear any one volunteer to help out shoveling the driveway?
And you want the family farm?

Oh yes, we lament,
but remember the choices were all made by us!

Last prayer at Midnight
Are there coons in the corn?
Is the calf being born?
Is the tank running over?
Are the cow gorging clover?
Is the gate latch undone?
God I've watched it all day
And I'm tired.
If I may, I'll just put out the light
And you watch it tonight!
Mary Fenoglio

Stay snuggled in your feathers dear children
and dream away!

And you want the Family Farm?


  1. Hi Marg,
    Thank you for the visit and nice comment. We sold our farm in Maryland almost 11 years ago and moved to Iowa. Oh! the memories your post brought back today. So glad we no longer farm. ;)

  2. No one wants the family farm when it snows big time...or on any stat holiday...or when there's trouble in the barn after midnight. When things go they often will...and the road we're trucking seems all's hard to remember the idyllic farmdays of summer!

    Hey...what happened to your love of snowdays?

  3. NOW I have fond memories of the farm..not so when I had to do the chores, shovel that snow and wonder if the truck could get through to pick up the milk and the list goes on.
    Thanks for the memories Marg..

  4. Maybe they want the IDEA of the family farm...

  5. (Chuckle) good post Marg - Ain't it so? when the going gets tough the young'uns stay in bed and the tough get going!
    Don't worry though - what comes around goes around!

    From one snow lover to another - this does put another face on that dump of snow we had.

  6. Oh Marg, I had to chuckle at this one. . .so true. . so true indeed. YOu said it perfectly. . I'll send the children over to read it.

  7. goodness, i am pooped, i think i will just keep romaticizing the farm life and stay in the city where there is far less work to be done........;-)

  8. Haha....farming...its a great life if you can stand it, right! Yeah, I feel that way much of the time.

    Sounds like you guys need snowblowers up there.....the ones that attach to the tractor. My husband keeps our attached all winter, to use at any time, and its been seeing alot of use.

    Take care....stay safe driving on the snowy roads, too.

  9. SNOW, SNOW, what a beautiful sight it was last night! Our 2 sons, who DO want the family farm and work hard at it, were busily moving snow with 2 tractors, to clear the way for the milk truck to come, while I, with a shovel, cleared off the sidewalks to the back door, and the milkhouse. The snow kept coming, and the driveway was done twice, before they decided after 2 hours, at 8 pm that it was time for supper. Close to midnight I was awoken by 2 phone calls, from the driver, and then by neighbour nephew, that the truck would soon be there, and was the driveway cleared. Looked outside, and yes, it was good enough. Once awake, I don't sleep again easily, so went out into the still wonderland with my camera. So peaceful outside trudging through the deep snow. Had I known that you were up too,... Dairymary

  10. Weather can certainly increase the workload. Great post, Marg. And, the snow is so pretty.

    You made me laugh about asking a question. I know, but everything I think of to post leads to a question. Maybe I need to do another week of questions. ;-)

  11. Your post makes me remember my grandmother who ran a small farm in Pennsylvania as a widow with 6 children. They all had to work so hard! No one took over the farm however, and all moved to the city as adults. I guess they didn't wan the farm! :-)

    Stay warm with all that snow Marg!

  12. HA...funny post. Now I am wondering if an update is due to see if it is a farm or a lake?


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