Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's the Buzz?

I had a perfect morning, drinking coffee with Julie.
Julie is another blogging friend.
It's always a strange feeling walking into Starbucks
looking for someone you've never met.
Then we met and ask her the rest....
If you haven't met her,
she's a worthwhile keeper.

The time went by too quickly,
only to know we had common interests and
that my favorite cousin was one of her best camp friends
way back about 40 years ago at Camp Squeah?
Thanks Julie for taking the time to visit.


Then it was time to do some heavy duty Christmas shopping with hubby.
Off we drove in his truck and I had to pass by Sumas,
once more to pick up some more orders from SHIP Happens.
It didn't take long and I notice we are not on the road to the mall.
He runs up a familiar road.
I used to ride my 10 speed up that hill.
I always remind of my stomping grounds.
Before I knew it I see familiar surroundings.

I recognize this place.
He stops shortly, while my head is out the window grabbing a picture.
Hm...He says, What's all the buzz?

Well blogging friends as you all know,
Sunday is the big day for the BIG Party.

I could smell coffee brewing, shop lights were on.
Fresh smells coming from the oven.
The vacuum cleaner sounded overloaded.
Shudders were being dusted.
Floors were being scrubbed.

"Do I or don't I?"
"You can't just stop in unexpected." he says to me.
"That's the Flag that she always talks about."

OK, well do any of you know what I'm referring to?
Do any of you recognize these pictures?
I thought I would post the pictures for those who could not follow
directions. The directions looked like a maze to me.

He whizzed past the house and all I got, was a quick glimpse.

Then I pinched myself.
I was in dreamland, only wishing it was true.
Unfortunately, due to heavy scheduling, I am unable to attend.
(but my representative is on it's way)

Please do have fun and you know I would love to meet you all.


  1. Oh yes! I do know whose house that is! I'd recognize the flag if I ever drove by that farmhouse!

  2. So follow the flag, you say? Who needs GPS...we'll find it!

    By the way...if your reps need a ride, we have lots of room.

  3. Oh Marg. . . .he says. . .they are starting to track us down. . .
    me. . .I'm just laughing so hard. .
    You were wrong about one thing. . .you should have stopped. Consider this an invite. . .you would have seen the mess before the clean. . .isn't that always how it is the day before the important guests arrive.
    I love it. . .can't wait to see who you send in your place. . .oh I'm so sad you can't come. . or are you? Maybe that is a surprise. . .I can always hope.

  4. Marg, how fun that you met a blogging friend. I will go visit her.

    Are you certain you are going to the big event?

  5. Hi Marg

    I love to meet fellow bloggers --they always feel like old friends.

    Thanks so much for your congratulations on the birth of my grandson! We are so thrilled and thankful for him.

  6. Oh my you are hilarious! Thanks for the pictures although I am thinking that we are arriving in the dark...sigh...thank goodness for google map eh?! Wish you were going to be time...and there will be a next time to be sure!

  7. You are sending someone in your place Marg?? I never thought to do that..hmmm..maybe I could have sent a cousin as there are enough of them in that area..
    Loved your post!

  8. Ohh Marg.. it was SOOO special meeting you! AFTER I asked the wrong person if she was MARG !! SMILE
    I didn't meet a stranger, Marg! I met a friend I didn't know I had..and I'm sure anyone watching us would NEVER have thought that we were meeting for the first time...
    One correction though.. in case anyone notices.. smile.. Camp Squeah was yet only an unspoken idea in someone's head... it was the Clayburn Camp where I met your cousin.

    Yup! that's the house alright... I'm really sorry that some will be missing tonight! but you will not be forgotten .. Your rep., Marg, will make sure of that I'm thinking...with a smile !!

  9. Hi Marg, I'm waiting for news...

    I tagged you for a quick and fun post over on my blog!

  10. Hi Marg, I'm sorry you couldn't be there last night! We missed you!

  11. Hey Marg - we missed you but sure enjoyed your"representatives" (yum!)
    Love your drive by commentary!
    Happy Christmas to you and your family.

  12. marg-you are a hoot!
    too bad you missed it as well.
    i think your representatives were cute and i did recognize the cookies :-).
    how could you drive by lovella's and not stop in! she seems like she would have embraced you warmly and you would have had just a wonderful little visit.
    hope to meet you as well someday!
    what fun to meet julie that was special!


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