Sunday, December 28, 2008

What a Snow Day!

As you can only imagine!
December 24th became a memory maker for our family.
The young folk started arriving around noon, and they all agreed,
we needed to spend time in the snow like the olden days.
Church was canceled and so the activities continued.
We quickly made a search for all the outer wear
that is stored from year to year.
Yes, and there was
something to cover everyone, except me.
By the time I wanted to get dressed,
they had used my snow pants, tuke, and mitts.
This Mama was not staying inside to cook.

Nobody was concerned about being trendy for that day, just Fun!

The afternoon started by pulling each other on our vintage toboggans.
It didn't take long until someone hollered.
"Dad, Hitch up the toboggans."
So out came the old Ford...

Hitched up the toboggans and away they went.
Laughing and screaming could be heard everywhere.

Standing, sitting, screaming, you name it....

Until KRUNCH....
Only the sound of a motor in the stillness,
then a burst of laughter,
and the poor driver is turning around to see what happened,
watching the excitement from behind....

"Hey, Dad, Look ahead, you hit the fence."

Guess who was caught up in the moment of time, and
thought he had wide open spaces?
Obviously he was watching the kids and he hit the fence.
That will be a tale sketched in their minds forever.

All was fine, until someone suggested......
Take a peak at the video.

Sledding into the evening hours.
How fun!

Yes, it's for real!
Out came the old aluminum canoe, attached it to the tractor,
adult kids had life jackets and paddles.
Oh, my goodness, but oh how much fun.

Christmas Morning dictated the activities of the day.
Rather than puzzling or playing games,
I put the turkey and stuffing in the oven,
and off we went up to Chilliwack River Lake,
looking for those steep hills.

We found them.

Even I, could not bear to be a spectator.

Many good laughs and spills.

The faster, the better.

And at 5:30 we were already for supper.
I'm sure the angels were helping with all the supper preparations.
We will remember this Christmas in a very special way.
One Snowy Christmas!


  1. Oh my...this has to be my favorite all time post. Whewie...I am spitting the snow from my mouth and cleaning the goggles as we speak. Thanks for the 'ride'...well done there Marg. What a wonderful Christmas you must have all had!

  2. Wow! That made me laugh! You had so much fun! Yes, it will be a Christmas everyone remembers.

    One year my bro, The Prof, two kids and I went to Mt Hood on Christmas Day and came home to my parents, grandma and one 23 month old and a complete Christmas dinner! It was a great way to spend Christmas Day.

  3. oh my goodness, that looked like so much fun...your family looks like one that knows how to have fun together!

  4. What fun, Marg! I can see where this was a Christmas that will go down in memory!

    I think you should patent the concept of canoeing in the snow...who would have thought? Did you try the canoe on those slopes up Chilliwack Lake road?

  5. Marg, that was awesome. . .so much fun, that canoe video should be put on youtube. . it's just hilarious.
    I'm glad you had angels get that dinner on the table by 5:30. . .that is amazing.

  6. Wow! Wow! Wow! I can't even imagine how much fun you all had. I loved the video.

    It must have been perfection.

  7. Marg,

    So much fun, lots of great company, and some amazing food. Thanks again for sharing your family time with me.

  8. What fun Marg! I admit to a tiny bit of envy for those like you who had kids and Grandkids home during the snow. It's so wonderful when our grown families can have so much fun together. All the best in 2909 to you and your family.

  9. Oh I am glad you have continued to share your life through blogging. You are a gamer! I just sat down to catch up on blogs I have not read for afew weeks...due to many guests over the season. OH SUCH FUN! Canoeing on the snow. Such adventure you have among your family. Thanks for the smiles you brought me. loved your music too. Kathy

  10. Well, I must say you guys know how to have fun! A post like this would make our son think he was born into the wrong family! I think he was ready to hitch the sled to his truck too if he's been encouraged a bit.

  11. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a wonderful new year.

  12. Ohhh ! a Christmas to remember ! What is more important than the things that bind families together.
    I loved your post and your pics!


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