Monday, December 8, 2008

Reuniting Cousins

Today was the day!
I received a parcel in the mail.

I've been on a journey looking for my lost cousins.
I checked out the internet sites and guess what I discovered?

It was way back in October that I spotted my favorite
cousins coming up North.

I looked at them thinking.
Could I ever adopt them and give them a new home?

Sure enough they found their way across the border.
Yesterday, I drove all the way to SHIP HAPPENS!
As I walked in, I heard whimpering and sniffling noises
coming from the packaged boxes.
I asked what was all the fuss about?
They had just received a package looking for it's new parents.

I responded quickly and said, "That's Me!"

They handed me the box,
and I could feel that them settling down.
They were so excited that I had arrived.
Inside the building people were smiling and cheering
as they saw me reuniting with the cousins,
assuring them that everything would be all right.

When I got home, they were not comfortable.
They looked rather fridgid.
I asked them what was wrong.
They whispered to each other.
"They thought they were arriving to meet
their other cousins William & Anna."

Oh My, I had already disappointed them.
I showed them their adoption papers.
Then they agreed, that they would just settle down.

It didn't take long and they asked,
"How long will it take to get to our cousins?"
Well, I told them, "They would have to wait till the new Year."

They started sulking and crying....
What was I to do...?
So I showed them pictures of their cousins and talked
about how well they had adjusted in to their new home.
They agreed, that the process of adjustment was difficult.

This morning when I woke up, I tip-toed past their room.
They actually looked like they were snuggling and giggling,
getting used to their new surroundings.

When I told them about the plans for the day,
they started building up a storm.
They were in total agreement that they would
help me get ready for the big party!

If you would like to consider adopting some more cousins,
please, by all means check out Willows Cottage.

Please welcome Charles & Charlotte to my family!


  1. oh so darling. ..our little William is having a nap right now with the farm hand and Anna is primping for the grandgirlies visit tomorrow. I assure you they will feel quite at home. I'll show them the post later, and then no doubt I'll have some planning to do for a reunion.
    Willow has a such a gift for bunny creations doesn't she?

  2. Marg, these are just adorable. I just know that they will be happy in their new home.

    I'll go visit the links. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Oh, I'm so glad that the little ones arrived safely and are settling in. They were so very excited to go they nearly jumped in their box. Maybe they thought it was a shorter trip. Edward sends his love!

  4. well i must say, i kinda like their names..;-).
    shucks no more time to visit daughter sure is taking her studies serious....sheessh....grin, gotta go

  5. Marg, I love your new header and your Chrismas pictures visiting a cozy home.
    I'm sure the cousins will love your place too!

  6. Would it be OK if we stopped by tonight to meet the new additions? I heard rumours of a party....

  7. Hi Marg! I love your profile photo -- you are so pretty!

    My still to be born grandson has another cousin sitting in his crib ready to welcoem the baby home! Willow does such nice work doesn't she?
    Hugs, Pat

  8. Marg, I haven't read the Poisonwood Bible but I have it on my to read list for next year. I loved the Guernsey literary and potato peel pie society. You must read it.

  9. Ohhh .. are Charles and Charlotte your representatives on Sunday? smile..
    I enjoyed my time visiting on your blog! It is full of creativity and warmth!
    I too enjoyed our coffee time this morning... and yes... it was but a beginning!


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