Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Red Evening Sky

We inch up to Chrismas - prepare,
count days,
keep secrets,
watch for the signs.
A red evening sky,
every fleecy cloud on fire,
for a last few minutes before the night falls,
still brings a shout,
"Look! Christmas is coming!
The angles are baking!"
G.M. Nelson

Can you hear the music playing?
Our "First Snowfall" by Michael W. Smith
Check it out on the Sidebar.

Invite our quiet morning snowfall.
The rest of the day looks like a blizzard.
Ride it out before the storm hits our valley.


  1. Everyone is getting snow! Will it still be there for Christmas?

  2. Beautiful sky shot Marg! We're in for some snow today as well!

  3. You should put that poem about the angels baking on the MGCC. =)

  4. Beautiful Post from a special blogger.

  5. Is there an angel baking in your kitchen today?

    It's rather pretty out this morning.

  6. Oh, yes ! the snow! beautiful but COLD!
    Marg...I'm playing tag! Come on over and see my pic!

  7. Terry is out on the tractor clearing away the drifts. . .it's a doozey.
    The poem is so perfect. . .I love it.

  8. So beautful Marg! I love red sunsets We will be getting snow tommorrow.

    Stay warm!

    Hugs, pat

  9. What a beautiful poem Marg. Let it snow...uh huh! Well...that is all very well and fine except for those who have to be on the 'ice' at 6 a.m.! Grin.....send everyone else home...I KNOW how to drive she says!

  10. It looks like a winter wonderland. Adn, that sky is spectacular.


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