Friday, December 26, 2008

For the Record

I need to give a little update.
The blog that you read, dated Dec.24th"
To Mom,
From Suzanne & Mikki:

They received my passwords for my blog,
and posted the blog themselves.
On Christmas Eve, they passed me the laptop
and asked me to open my blog.....

In one of my earlier posts, I stated that there would
be many surprises this year,
as we were all making gifts for each other.
That was a huge surprise!
A thank-you note on my blog from my girls,
plus a set of pottery bowls that they made.
That's the last thing I expected.

I am totally overwhelmed by their appreciation
and will always cherish this post.
I could never of posted this myself.

So please remind me when I get crabby to
go back and read the post again
and believe that All is Well.
Thank you for your kind comments.


  1. That was so very sweet, Marg. And I figured that they had written that and somehow you or they put it on the blog. No need to blush. You deserve every word!

  2. Marg. . .that is sweeter yet. . I can not imagine in my wildest dreams my sons doing such a tender thing. . oh the joys of having daughters. You must always cherish this for it is indeed a very special gift that they publicly honoured you as their mom.

  3. oh now for sure i hav tears on my eyes...that is even a better gift than i thought. what a great idea!
    that is not a gift that will collect dust or clutter a room or sit in a closet, but one that will fill your heart and bless you for a lifetime!!!! not all kids would do that for their mom, wether they are girls or boys!

  4. What a beautiful gift! I believe that there are few things in life as powerful as words from the heart. My son handpainted me a card for Christmas and wrote words that made me teary. You obviously put time and love into your family - and it shows. I also appreciate your friendship - your words warmed me when I needed it most. Thank you.

  5. What a crazy wonderful thing. That is so special Marg. Such love that goes into that post and the gift! Wonderful...thanks for sharing.

  6. What wonderful daughters, and what a wonderful relationship you have. Love above all.


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