Friday, December 19, 2008

The Excitement and Wonder.

This year is different.
Is there seldom a year where things stay the same?

This year our family decided to make gifts for each other.
Early in November the decision was made.
We all thought about it and discussed it...
Yup, everybody was up to the idea.
I concluded that "If this doesn't work, we'll change it next year again."

So it's been fun watching individuals from our family
work together in creating ideas I never new existed.
I didn't know we had such a creative bunch.

My last few weeks have been somewhat unusual,
as I try to portray Christmas through the eyes of my little Levi.
I love nothing more than having him help me prepare for the festive season.
He too is part of gift giving and making.
Just a little encouragement and he create his own ideas.
He's been a busy little elf this year.
This experience has allowed me to walk down memory lane,
and think about my own children as we created memories.

He's helped his Opa cut down the tree.

What little boy can go home without his own branches?

The colorful lights are lit and shining brightly.
They have their own unique order.
Looks like Opa has his helper.

"Where is the Jesus Thing, Oma?"
How else does a little man describe the manger scene?

"Let's make snakes."
That's my helper, when it comes to making Pfeffernusse.

"Nut's & Bolts for Daddy."
Daddy loves them hot and spicy.

While Oma is sewing PJ's for the little man,
he creates his own idea of sewing.
Threads and strings tied from the chair, and to the window.
I wonder what he's creating?

The window handle becomes the bobbin winder spindle.
He carefully examines the thread.

The door of a cabinet became his cutting edge.
I wonder what's inside that door?

Then he cuts the threads, just like Oma.

The finished product?
Can you tell me what that is?
Sh...I don't want to give away any secrets,
so come back after Christmas.

At night I always love to tip toe past his room
and tuck him in and cover him up once more.

My goodness, what did I see?
"What is he sleeping with on his feet?"
Another surprise?

Christmas Eve will be different this year.
We will have our traditional fondue.
There will be festive baking and desserts.
There will be music.
Their spirits will all be merry.
There will be laughter.
There will be surprises that no one expected.
There will be the story of the Christ Child.
Yes the activities linger on and on.


And yet, as I look at those tiny feet, I loose my thoughts.
Will he always know the Christ child?
My prayer is that he will know our Christian heritage,
believe it, and serve the same God.
I love this little boy.
This little man has brought so much joy into our lives.

May you all experience the true joy
as you prepare for the Christmas Season.


  1. Marg, this is just a beautiful post. It is so easy to see the love you have for your little grand.
    I pray that our grands all learn to love the One who came to give us Life. . . and who we Celebrate.

  2. Oh to be a child again.The wonder of it all.

  3. So beautifully written! What a lucky little man to be able to spend that time with Oma and Opa!
    (And the other way around too!)

  4. How special is that? A beautiful post to your adorable little guy! May he always have that wonder & excitement...and love for the Christ of Christmas.

  5. This is beautiful, Marg. I love my little man the same way and pray the same prayers for him. "Growing in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man."

  6. Hi Marg
    and greetings from Ontario.
    What a sweet little one you have so eager to help his opa and his mom...I'd love to have your recipe for the hot and spicy nuts and bolts! I wonder what the surprise is? I'll have to be back to find out after Christmas.
    have a lovely day and come by and visit when you have some time.

  7. So much fun and a lot of very precious memories.

  8. What a wonderful time to share with your sweet little guy. I treasure the days I spend with my fellow, too.

    Happy Holidays.

  9. this was such a touching post. that little levi is such a sweetie.
    may your christmas be exactly be as you hope it to be!

  10. How precious to have your grandboy help with all of the Christmas preparations. You did a great job of seeing it through his eyes. Those little feet! - whatever are those little boys thinking when they do things like this? I'll never know but it never fails to delight their grammies' souls.


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