Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another Incredible Lady!

It was just over two years ago....
The phone rang,

"No, She's not Home."

"This is UBC calling to let you know Mikki has been accepted into
the Masters of Occupational Therapy Program.
She needs to give notice immediately as her spot will otherwise be taken."

Oh my, my girl was no where to be found.
She was on a roadtrip between Colorado and Arizona.
After calling on her cell, she finally responded.
She was sitting at the top of the Grand Canyon with her sister.
What a mountain top experience for her!!
She had totally forgotten that she was on a waiting list....

How could we hold a spot for her?
Money talks big.

"Yes, we will secure her spot and notify her immediately."
"Yes, Here's our credit card number ......."

Two years have past and she still identifies herself as #40.
She was the last person on the wait list to enroll.

Last month we received an invitation to attend her
graduation ceremony at the Chan Center at UBC
What a beautiful venue.
The orchestra was playing from the top balcony as
the graduates walked down the aisles.

Meanwhile, who would of ever known,
that there was a big fuss going on in my mind?
I visited my local florist and told him about this big occasion.
It's a milestone, it's a celebration, it's my Daughter!!!
I want something special and unique that reflects who she is.

We talked back and forth about different ideas.
Roses are beautiful, but I wanted something different.
In my mind I was dreaming...Orchids?
We exhausted the list.

Hm....he finally said,
What about a Lei with orchids?

This can't be true. I had to pinch myself.
This girl of mine, has spent summers working in a day
camp in Hawaii. Hawaii is her second home. She calls herself a local.
Could there be a better tribute than a Lei?
By now, tears are rolling down my eyes.
My florist knew what my heart was saying.
This would be the perfect bouquet.

I carefully unpacked the delicate flowers.
So beautiful, so artistic, so creative!
Someone knew what he was doing.

I entered the Chan Center all excited to make this presentation.
We sat way back in the upper balcony
squinting to see her walk proudly across the stage.
The whole time I was thinking.....
"How am I going to get these flowers to her?"

Then came the moment.

I decided to step out 10 minutes early and meet her while she
was being escorted out of the side entrance.

There she was!
My strategy worked!
I presented her with her Lei.

I fussed as I laid it around her shoulders
and quickly dried my tears.
What a cherished moment.

Congratulations Mikki!
You've worked hard.
You've played hard.
You're still #40!

"Within every celebrated ending, a new opportunity beckons.
Within every ending there lies a new beginning
that calls us to reach out and explore."


  1. Oh Marg, You must be so thrilled and proud for your daughter. . .what a blessing to see our children realize their dreams. . .and the lei was a perfect and beautiful idea.

  2. What a beautiful record of a very special occasion! The orchid lei is perfect...exquisite and sentimental. Congrat's to Mikki!

    Aren't you glad you have kept up this blog...a wonderful place to record those special times in your life?

  3. So beautiful and such a great milestone to record! Congratualtions to your daughter and you!

  4. How absolutely perfect. And, now I have tears in my eyes, too.

  5. what a moment for you both as parents and for her to have accomplished this degree! congratulations! the lei was a beautiful touch.

  6. What a beautiful idea, to give a lei to Mikki! Congratulations to her, and to her parents. The Chan Centre is lovely. We were there 2 years ago on a snowy night - a peaceful sight through all those windows, and not a nice drive home. Isn't it surprising how many still check your blog off and on? Dairymary

  7. Congratulations! I can imagine your joy and pride as you celebrated your daughter's accomplishment. The lei is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  8. Congratulations to your daughter for a job WELL DONE! And yes, the lei was the perfect gift of flowers.

  9. Congratulations to Mikki!

    The orchid lei was a ownderful idea nd so beautiful, Marg!


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