Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thank You for this Day

Thanks God for a sunrise this morning.
Thanks God for friends.
Thanks God for Grandbabies.
Thanks God for a Mom who left me a legacy.
Thanks God for those who have shaped my life.
Thanks God for Family.
Thanks God for our country of freedom.
Thanks God for our Country next door.

Happy Thanksgiving Everywhere!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may it be peaceful.


  1. Marg, I ran out to capture that same sunrise but missed it by moments. . .
    Happy Birthday to our twins. . .what a precious blessing to have such a joyous reson to celebrate .. .we're going for breakfast with our girlie and then celebrating proper on Saturday.

  2. Thanks for your felicitations on our Thanksgiving Day across the border!

    What a beautiful sunrise to start the day.

  3. well congrats on your babies having b-days...another set of grandchildren to be so loved, what a blessing!

  4. Don't you love having Thanksgiving twice? We have so much to be thankful for...we need to have Thanksgiving every day!

    What beautiful sunrises and sunsets we have been enjoying these past few days!

    Happy birthday to your precious grandson...where did this past year go?

  5. Well Marg...I know I am thankful whenever I see you to touch base. I am thankful everyday...start the day with the first words expressed in my heart...thanks for_____ and then I allow myself out of bed. And I am thankful for friends such as you. Have a special day today...

  6. Beautiful photo and sentiments.

  7. Good to have you back, Marg. I'm thankful for new friends and being able to learn new things.

  8. Marg, thank you for the wonderful inspiration and wishes for Thanksgiving. I always wish the same for you. Your picture is just awesome.

    I have been so ... busy, that I am a bit behind visiting. I'm glad to see you are safely home. I know you must have had a wonderful trip.


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