Thursday, November 20, 2008

She's a Lady!

Our adventure started 12 years ago.
It was a snowy blizzardy day in November.
Gaetz was waiting anxiously at home for the
results of her first election to council.

I called her up and said,
"What does it feel like?
Do you want to hide out in Agassiz?"
So I picked her up and off we flew to a quaint
little restaurant in Agassiz awaiting the outcome.

This was the beginning of a new career for Gaetz.
The years have flown by and I just called her back a few weeks ago
reminding her of that coffee shop experience in Agassiz.
Unfortunately I was not home during her campaign,
but we made sure that our home was lit up with her billboards.

We watched the internet closely on Friday, Nov.15
from our warm sunny Hawaiian resort.
As you can see "The Province" lit up declaring a LANDSLIDE
for many of the electoral candidates.
GAETZ defeated her chief rivals and made history.
GAETZ has become Chilliwack's New First Lady.

We are honored today to know that she is not only
Chilliwack's First New Lady,
but Sharon and her husband, Jim
have also been our Pastors for fifteen years.

The words "Relationship and Humility" describe this couple.
They believe in relationships with people.
They know how to build into people's lives.
And through that, their desire was to see people
would build a relationship with Christ.

They believed in family.
They lived like a normal family and shared
there pain and challenges with the congregation.
They were real.
They "walked the talk."

Jim's final farewell message was packed with emotion.
They will be missed by many people.
They left a legacy that will remain in our hearts forever.

Thank you Jim & Sharon for your unwavering support.

Congratulations to our First Lady!!


  1. Marg, welcome back to the bloggy world after your very extended vacation. . .we missed you.
    How wonderful to know personally your mayor. . .I suppose you are supporting her after the fact, but hey. . .now is when she will need the most encouragement.
    May God give her wisdom in her new position.

  2. welcome back form your vacation marg. a woman mayor...way to go chilliwack!
    look forward to hearing about your vacation.

  3. Nicely stated!

  4. Welcome back!

    May your new mayor and her husband continue to stand for the best for the congregation and the community.

  5. What a nice tribute to our new 'first lady'! We went on-line first thing Sunday morning to see the election results...and were glad she did so well.

    Hey...I've missed you. We'll need to chat sometime soon!

  6. Welcome back Marg! All rested and tanned?? Congratulations on your new mayor!

  7. Welcome Back MARG!!! Great to have you back and how fortunate for you people out there in Chilliwack...a wonderful Mayor indeed. Now she will need your prayers more than ever.

  8. Oh absolutely humbling to read this blog. I just read it to Jim, Marg and he's teasing me 'cuz I'm crying :-) Thanks Marg, my dear friend. How sweet of you to write this!


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