Monday, October 20, 2008

Running The Race

The Big Day Arrived.
Oct.14th 2008.
She trained with determination.
She ate nutritiously.
She researched the internet recognizing that running is a science.
She shared her information with all of us.
She gaged and paced herself with her Sports GPS.
She worked hard for 6 months.
She earned a new Title.

One young excited mother of two little boys.
Proud as can be.

Going to Victoria was a family affair.
Levi got to ride along with Oma & Opa.
He enjoyed his ride on the mobile suitcase crate.
Silas was happy swinging in the nearby park.
The sun was shining clearly and the weather was cooperative.
There was excitement in the air.

The spirit of the athletes enticed me.
We went together to pick up her registration packet.
I noticed that there was an 8K Run.
Lora, looked at me and said,
"Why don't you join me?"
What did I have to loose?
Of course, I didn't have my sports gear along,
but it didn't take long and I found something that would work.

She was focused....
She had expectations of herself.
And I was smiling and enjoying myself.
I had no expectations, just to jump in last minute
and have some spontaneous fun.

I finished my 8K, surprising myself that I jogged 6K out of the 8K.
The Start Gun sounded and the adrenalin in the crowd was unreal.
Running along the ocean by Beacon Hill Park.
I had just finished running 2K when they announced
that Oympic Silver Medalist Simon Whitfield,
had completed 8km, in 24 minutes.

Well, I just smiled and kept running along.
I thought of my blogging friends,
knowing that many of them walk....
Wouldn't that be a fun event?

If you look closely at the one picture,
you'll see that I'm running backwards.
My photographer didn't expect me so early,
so I just turned around and smiled at the camera.
Who cares how you finish?
I quickly showered and ran back outside to help
look after the boys while
Lora continued to run for three more hours.

Her finish line looked somewhat different than mine.
She is focused goal orientated, pacing her self,
striving hard to beat her own record.
She is strong.
I wanted to pass her little one over the fence,
so that she could cross the Finish Line together.
But she would not turn her head.

Lora completed her 42 km in 3 hours 58 minutes.
We shared and discussed our experiences.
The family cheered her on as she proudly wore her Medal.
We started and finished right in front of the Parliament Buildings.

Lora and Jeremy are off on a celebration cruise.
Guess who has the little ones...?
I'm running a new race this week.

Lora is quick to announce that the Distance and Destination are the same.
"How long it takes to get their doesn't really matter," she says.
"The rewards and accomplishments are the same."


  1. Marg, this is an exciting story!! I did not know that you did this! WOW. And L did great. You have great photos. Looks like you had good weather too. Enjoy this week. Dairymary

  2. Marg. . .you are amazing. I can't run for love nor money. . I was a sprinter in school and did my share of track and field. . but make me run more than 100 m. and I'm good for nothing.
    I am so impressed with you, and your daughter. Thank for you letting us tag along after the fact. She deserves a crusie and you deserve new runners for this week. You'll need them, have fun.

  3. Congratulations to your DIL on a huge accomplishment! And to you...for seeing an opportunity and jumping right in...and giving it your best at a moments notice. Wish I had been there with you...I almost feel like I was!

    Have a wonderful time with the grands this week.

  4. Marg, this is amazing. You both are amazing women. Congratulations to you! You are an inspiration.

    Have fun this week.

  5. Wow!!!

    I am so impressed - congratulations to your daughter and also to you!!

    How lovely that everyone could be there to share in the excitement. I love the picture of your SIL giving a big hug at the end of the race!

  6. oops! reverse - DIl and son!
    Doesn't really matter does it??

  7. Are you serious?! Wow...this is so far removed from my capabilities but I admire you and your DIL so much. Thanks for the 'journey' we could take with you through photos and dialogue.

  8. Good on ya Marg and your daughter too! Wow..

  9. Amazing...congratulations to you both!

  10. Way to go Marg!!! Victoria is a beautiful place to be, and much more fun with the whole gang. Enjoy your week with the grands. It's another beautiful day so play outside while you can! I've walked with my neighbour for 11 weeks now and we have only had 1 day with about 10 minutes of rain and yesterday we each felt 2 or 3 drops. This will all come to a halt soon, but we are enjoying every early morning blessing. Kathy

  11. Congratulations to you and your daughter-in-law Marg! You really are an inspiration!


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