Monday, October 6, 2008

Mission Completed.

I have finally completed sewing 24 school bags with all the handles tightly secured.
You should be able to count 24 corners. No, don't waste your time.
Plus each little bag has a prayer tucked inside.
Some of you find hiking a real task, well, I feel like I just climbed Mt. Everest.
Sewing for me does not come easy and why is it that nobody tells you the hints?

Every time, I attached a new handle, the sewing threads would jam.
So I reviewed my manual and it talked about adjusting different tensions.
I tried everything that the manual suggested.
Guess who's overwhelmed with tension....

I finally called the retail shop where I purchased the new machine and
she said, "Oh, just make sure that the "thread take-up lever is always at the top."
So I tried that, and Bingo, that solved my problem.
But why doesn't anyone tell us these tricks?
I think that's why I got rid of my old machine 15 years ago....
That's why I didn't want to sew anymore.

Then one day, when I was in the middle of trying to pace myself,
timing myself, so that I could complete the bags by this week,
I noticed I had some yucky stuff all over my arm.
Obviously this was the dough from my cake that I had just baked.

What a mess, threads all over the floor, and it's all cleaned up now.
Maybe I need to have a garbage can closer by, but you know how the threads
tend to fall and stick and grab everything that passes them by.

Anyways it's these little hints that can make life much easier and more pleasant.
Now, my little man wants to go to the Fabric shop to pick out his favorite cloth
so that I can make him some new PJ's.
Can't wait to take him. I wonder what he'll choose.

I guess we all have different mountains to climb.
What mountain are you climbing this week?


  1. Glad you conquered that mountain! Marg, were we in Miss Martens sewing class together way back in the eighth and ninth grades? I think she told us about having the take-up lever at the top...but you were likely thinking about the basketball game you were about to play. What fun!

    Have fun picking out the PJ fabric...they love to have some input!

  2. Marg. . . .hooray for you. . what a wonderful thing to do, many many blessings on you dear thing for persevering through the task ..
    I was mentally saying to myself. . I wonder if she has the thread always at the top and the needle .. like so .. and so on.
    I agree, helpful hints make all the difference in the world. Too bad people are so inclined to disregard advice. . .snicker.
    Oh have fun with those jammies. My mom sewed up hundreds of those in her lifetime for her family.

  3. oh .. .love Judy's poke at your attention to detail on the court.

  4. Bless your heart, you did fantastic.

    Sewing and I are allergic to each other. I am so lacking any skill in that area.

    You did a wonderful thing.

  5. Sewing? What is that?? Never was my strong point. Maybe one day..
    Glad you kept at it Marg..task completed!!

  6. Oh I so admire anyone who even gets near a sewing machine...something that my mother did well...but I have NO intention of excelling or picking up on it....sometimes the old machine 'calls to me' from somewhere down in the crawlspace where I shoved it into the furthest corner.

  7. So glad that I found some others who can live life without sewing.
    Yea Judy, I probably was keeping my eye on the ball, rather than listening to Ms. Martens.

  8. I'm impressed with your sewing ability - I can sew on a button and that's about it.

  9. I can't believe that I am even going to admit this publicly husband gave me a sewing machine for Christmas two years ago is still in the box in the back of a closet. :(
    I swear that I am going to start using it SOON! Right now the moountain I am climbing is preparing for my daughter's shower - this Saturday evening -at my house - 50 women! Yikes - so what am I doing blogging? Stalling! Gotta go finish cleaning!

  10. Hi Marg!

    I'm back from Key West, Florida! Thanks so much for your nice comments while I was away celebrating my anniversary! I appreciated them.

    I can hardly sew a hem or put a button on, so I can appreciate that this task was an accomplishment for you! Well done for sticking with it!

    Hope to see the little man in his new PJ's soon!

  11. Your sewing is doing great and so is your machine! Congratulations on finishing your project.

    I always loved to sew and then I moved away from my sewing machine and quit sewing. When my children were little I sewed their PJs so they could go to sleep in something I had made for them.

    My mountain this week is keeping my little cottage clean and tidy--too much stuff in here!


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