Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall is in the Air

I can feel the rain coming...
It's time for some fresh rains to rid the hot summer smells.
But before it rains, I need to put on my gum boots
and just check if I can pick the last of my berries.
The raspberries have been a weekly treat for that little man of mine.

Sundays is the day he loves to go and pick fresh berries
that are hanging on the vines.
Sure enough, there's just enough for his favorite Sunday dessert,
yogurt, fresh granola and fresh raspberries.
No, he will not share those few berries.

Look at the little gold mine in my back 40.
Right behind the house, I've been treasuring these blackberries
which are the most organic berries around.
Lots of horse manure in this field.

October 2?

Yet another bowl of fresh berries.
Those and some ice-cream...
That's all my man needs.

Add some fresh bread,
smear it with butter,
and add a glob of jam.

For now, this has been my families favorite jam.
Now it can rain...
The book work is waiting.


  1. Don't you love those fall berries? Unfortunately my jam isn't cooked...the berries wait for me in the freezer. But I have other more pressing things to do today...the backlog in the office is calling.

  2. It seems the blackberries do become richer and more intense towards the end of the season. . I wish I would have gone and looked in our back 40 yesterday before the rain began.
    Your little guy is a cutie. . with his dessert.

  3. I still plan to go out ths afternoon, and get a last picking of blackberries. Will take the dogs along for a walk, even though it is drizzling out. Don't think I have ever picked berries in October before. Everything is late this year. Dairymary

  4. Oh Marg, glad you are posting from time to time. Yep....I even pulled a few blackberries off the sodden branches the other day when on a site visit I happened on a field of them....can't get enough

  5. Those are beautiful berries ~ I am impressed. The pictures should be framed or made into notecards! I bet they taste even better than they look. I am so glad you appreciate the 'little' things! So many people don't get it - and that makes me sad. Enjoyed my visit, as I always do!

  6. Berries and Boys. Nice!

    All that raspberry jam I made last month came from berries I brought home in my luggage, frozen and triple bagged, from Oregon. Gotta have my raspberry jam!

    I too am glad you are posting occasionally!

  7. WHAT!!!! you still have fresh berries, oh please send some this way. i mentioned the blackberries in my memory of all you darlin' women in bc.

  8. Blackberries??
    And here we buy them in puny little containers. Enjoy them!
    Cute pic of the little guy!


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