Monday, September 15, 2008

Thirty Five Years Ago

It was 35 years ago, that we said our sacred vows.
Sept 15, 1973
Central Heights, Abbotsford, BC

It was a beautiful sunny day,
the corn had been harvested and
this young farmer was ready to take on the world.

My mother sewed my dress for $69.
I wanted a long veil like Maria's from the Sound of Music.

Music was one of my biggest priorities for our wedding day.
I chose my favorite songs, from classical, to religious and instrumental.
I walked into the processional of the
Wedding Overture from the Sound of Music.

The bridesmaids walked up the aisle,
"Jesu, Joy of My Heart's Desire"

A violin quartet could be heard playing,
"Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee".

"Sunrise Sunset"
From Fiddler on the Roof.
While we signed the guest book.
I can still see him playing, rocking back and forth.

We chose to end the ceremony with the
"Lord's Prayer." the version from Albert Malotte.

We lit those candles and you know how it is?
They kept going out.
When they ask you to exchange rings,
Guess what? I dropped it and I just scurried about to pick it up.
Later after the scene, I realized,
the bride should not be picking up things like rings.
That's was the best man's job.
It was too late by then.

Obviously PINK was our theme.
My bridesmaids looked so pretty in their pink dresses.
My mom made me an apron from the remnants which I have kept.
It still looks so beautiful.

In those days we had going away outfits.
The top of my dress had the ribbed smocking.
My dress was too short according to my Father.
Now I could smile.

The most inspirational part of our wedding was a poem
that I received from my sister in law.
I just found it this past week as I was
rummaging through keep sakes from the past years.

She combined her own thoughts with those of
Kahil Gibran from The Prophet.

"Stand close together -
but not too close
For no tree grows best
in each other's shadow.

Learn to enjoy each other's interests,
but not at the expenses of your own.
For each one needs to keep his own identity.

Share each other's friends -
Include them all.
For they are the treasure
that will last a life time.

Serve God together
and put Him First.
And he will supply what you need forever."
Alma Bartel

I have treasure this poem and after 35 years
I can say that I feel we've been able to live this out,
in the choices that were made by both of us.
The younger generation may consider us co-dependent.
But you know what?
I love the way we chose to live life and
would not change anything.

Over the years many years,
We've laughed,
We've cried,
We've shared our dreams,
We've experienced financial pressures,
We've had spiritual challenges,
We've fought, and then made up.
We've travelled,
We've loved,
We've forgiven,
We've celebrated,
We've lost loved ones,
We've valued friendships,
We've discovered new interests,
We've kept in tact...
We've stayed committed.

"What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder."

The greatest gift that we have come to recognize is our Family,
which includes our son and his adorable wife,
and two wonderful grandsons,
and our two beautiful daughters.
What else can one say?

Today we spent time in our back yard reminiscing.

Jeremy, You are such a Hero.
You've had your challenges,
and you always persevere.
You are like your Dad.
You love your wife, boys and sisters.
You'd take your shirt off your back to keep things together.

Lora, You are the best Mom in the world.
You've loved my son through thick and thin.
You have learned to turn your face to the Son
and keep running the race.
You Go Girl.

Suzanne and Mikki
Suzanne you have taught me so much about patience
and you've shared that trait with your world.
That's what makes you an incredible teacher.
Mikki, you have shown me sensitivity.
You are always on the lookout for those who are less received.
You give them hope and encouragement.
You have Both taught me to think out of the box.
You both love your careers and show endless/timeless love for people.

John, The Man of My Dreams.
You have provided for me,
you have cared for me, always putting your Family first.
You have cherished me...
You have been the "Wind Beneath my Wings."
You love that little guy, don't you?

Tonight we took our little fella' and strolled up to Bridal Falls.
What a more suitable place to enjoy some quiet time
and play in the big forest.

Thirty five years ago we stood in the sunset gazing into each other's eyes.
Tonight, leaving Bridal Falls,
Again we felt the warmth of the setting sun,
feeling like it was just yesterday.

Tonight we will dine at a quaint restaurant,
with special guests, our Kids.
We'll toast to another Thirty Five Years.


  1. Marg, what a beautiful post and congratulations to 35 years. .. .that is just wonderful. You have such a great opportunity to share how to keep a marriage strong. . .and what a wonderful example to your family.
    I loved hearing about your wedding, and the pictures were awesome. I loved your going away dress. . so cute. . cute legs. . .so cute.
    I wish you another 35 years. .

  2. Congratulations Marg on your wedding anniversary. 35 years, what a gift. on the 24th of this month is our 25th. i have choosen that date for the big just family photos, no big secret. what a beautiful tribute to your are truly a blessed woman!

  3. Marg...what a wonderful tribute to 35 years of marriage!

    I wish I could have been there way back when...but I can hear the music and picture the ceremony. Here's the funny thing...I also had pink as my colour...and our bridesmaid dresses looked much the same, as did our flowers. And neither of us really seem like the 'pink' type!

    May I copy that poem from your SIL? That is just beautiful!

    How appropraite for you to visit Bridal Veil Falls on the eve of your 35th wedding anniversary. (We almost met you there...not quite.)

    Have a wonderful celebration tonight together with the ones who matter most...and may you and John enjoy many more years together!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Your love is an inspiration to those round about you.

    I wore such short dresses too - and shorter in highschool - yikes. Yours was not too short for the era!

    Thanks for sharing the great photos and memories. I hope you are blessed with another 35.

  5. What an incredible testimony to a Christian marriage - your post was very touching and beautiful.

    I enjoyed your trip down memory lane, and seeing the pictures of your wedding. That is exactly how I remember you from the last time I saw you - in the basement hallway of Briercrest!

    Have a wonderful dinner tonight with your family, and may you celebrate many more years together!

    Lori T

  6. What a wonderful post - a true tribute to you and your husband. You obviously understand what it takes to make a marriage work and are committed to each other. I have often felt that the younger generation looks at my husband and I as being too dependent on each other - but we wouldn't have it any other way. Happy 35th Anniversary. Enjoy!

  7. Beautiful post. Happy Anniversary. I am so glad you posted and shared those wonderful memories with us. Familiar outfits...and hairdos...! Grin....loved it all

  8. Congratulations! What a wonderful trip down memory lane...and we have so enjoyed the privilege of travelling on some of the journey with you. You and John are wonderful role models for a healthy and committed relationship! Wishing you many more years of happiness! Thank you for sharing this....

  9. Marg, I'm sitting here at my desk reading this with tears rolling down my face. Your memories and tribute to your marriage and family is heart-warming. It thrills my soul to know that others are so blessed, and that they recognize and cherish their many blessings.

    But, there is another reason that I am so emotional. It is because this Thursday, we are celebrating our 38th anniversary. I always say 38 years of wedded bliss, and people laugh. Then I have to make sure that they know I am serious. There isn't a single day with my husband that I would exchange for something else.

    I guess every one of us has had a bit of pink at some time in our life. I wasn't a pink fan until my mother moved in with us 18 years ago. I guess it kind of grew on me.

    Oh, I forgot to tell you - that verse from The Prophet is the first page in our wedding album. The Prophet is my favorite book.

  10. Congratulations on your 35th wedding anniversary! And what a beautiful tribute, I loved reading it. Wishing you many more wonderful years..

  11. Marg, what a wonderful tribute to your marriage, and your family! Thanks for sharing it with us. You both look so young, back then. Dairymary

  12. Thank you to all of you for your lovely comments.
    Now, maybe we should encourage each other to reach out and support a younger couple or family as they journey through marriage bliss.
    We all have them in our families, churches or communities.
    Let's rally together and give support for Marriages.

  13. Sorry I got on here a bit late, but just had to tell you that I enjoyed your wonderful tribute! I love the words you put into the shape of "almost a cross"! I'm so glad I can get to know you a bit better now, since I only missed you by a few years way back. (I came to CH in 1975) Loved the true/real 70's pictures!

  14. A few days late but Congratulations! I've stumbled here from one click or another but what a wonderful tribute to your husband and family. My husband and I are headed for our 10th anniversary in February but we've been together for 19 years which scares me! That's longer with him than without!

    May you enjoy another hearty 35 years together.

    Oh and that going away outfit is fabulous and your wedding dress sleeves...very similar to mine!

  15. Happy Anniversary. I had pink at my wedding to...40 years ago.

  16. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! Congratulations on 35 years! 1973 was a great year to get married :) But no pink for me~~I had lavender and yellow.

    Your family photos are so sweet!

  17. Congratulations Marg - what a lovely post!

    We will celebrate 32 years this Dec.

  18. Just gorgeous Marg! A belated HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and John!
    I am one year behind you --will be 34 years for me soon.
    Best of life and love always be yours!

  19. Oh, Congratulations on this special milestone! What a lovely post.....I am in tears, that is the truth.

    I love the first photo where you two are smiling at each other.....and that final beautiful scene of the sunlight's glow on the road. And all the scenes in between.....just a wonderful life story. God's blessings and many, many more anniversaries and joys!


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