Thursday, September 11, 2008


How do we handle CHANGE?

I can't even CHANGE a bobbin in a sewing machine.

The Fall is here which signifies CHANGES in the air again.

CHANGE of Seasons.
CHANGE of Schedules.
CHANGE of Family Structures.


I have a new project. CHANGE

Sew 25 school bags and I figured out that one bag takes 15 minutes which equates to 6.25 hours.

But it's cloudy today, so I'll help my daughter.... and get the project done.
Sew, I put the pedal to the medal and started and guess what?
I stayed focused to the project and before I realized, I had completed a record time of 4 hours.
It's the only way I can stay competitive.
You are asking what are these bags for?
My daughter teaches in a school in town and thought it fitting for me to develop my domestic skills. CHANGE again!

I think I'd rather ride my bike.

Daughter, you have all your 25 bags ready to go, and every bag has a prayer packed inside.
At least that way my project seemed worthwhile.


Then off to work I go, and I find out the meeting is CHANGED.
Doesn't anybody think to consider me? Oh well.
Everybody is saying "CHANGE is good. Get used to it."


But I sure find it hard, when people in my house CHANGE up my spice cupboard.
Get used to it?


One of my former colleagues from my previous work called me to inform me that she had been in an accident and that the ambulance had to take her to the hospital.

The first question I asked her, "Did you have time to CHANGE your underwear?"
We both laughed aloud. That was always a standard joke in the office (women only).
Nobody would ever want to be caught without the necessities, but poor gal...she was caught.
She will survive and is on her way to recovery.


So CHANGE is inevitable. We can accept it or lump it.

When I came home from work today, my hubby told me that the mechanic said we had to CHANGE trucks. This "old die hard" had too many trips and the motor was shot. I think too many trips up Cheam.


When can we just leave things as they are?

I can't live with out CHANGE.

"If you CHANGE your mind? Take a Chance of me...." I love that song....from the dear old Mama Mia Musical.
But then on the other hand, what do I want to exchange it with?

I'm always priding my self thinking that CHANGE keeps us on our toes.

Well it does and I've come to realize that I love CHANGE.
When I see CHANGE, I know there is always opportunity to go an buy an ice-cream or pick up a coffee at Starbucks.

Does anyone have some more spare CHANGE?

Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. Heb.13:8

Thank God that there is something that does not CHANGE.

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I Cannot change…

Courage to change the things I can

And Wisdom to know the difference…


  1. marg, this is a very fitting post for me....when you get my email you will understand. change is difficult, sometimes neccesary sometimes umwanted...good thing the ONE we count on never changes, even though our lives do.

  2. Marg, this is such a great post. .I love change too. I love changing things up in my house. . even if it is just the centerpiece on the coffee table, and I love changing up my routine. . especially if it is a spur of the moment run for coffee. .
    God blesses us with good changes that we enjoy and sometimes seasons of adjustment.. I'll be adjusting my routines in late fall when the babysitting for grands when the mommyies go back to work. . another change. . another adjustment. . but all good.

  3. We might as well learn to flow with it - it happens anyway weather we fight it or accept it. And I would get too bored if things always stayed the same.A little change keeps life interesting!

  4. Change can be good but it can be scary. It is a necessasry part of life. Sometimes I like to face change head on and other times I like to hide under the sheets! It makes me so happy when I see that you have written a post - I always love to hear your thoughts. I left a small surprise for you over at my place. Thanks for being a good blogging friend.

  5. I love this post. Life is certainly all about change. Another phrase I hear often is "be flexible". Change and flexibility kind of go together - don't you agree?

    But, then we have those constant blessings that we are so privileged to know are forever.

  6. Off to work you go??? Is that a change?

    I seem to crave change and then I don't love it.

    I wonder what changes I will experience this year.

  7. What...a post on Home Again? Yay!

    I'm not too eager to embrace change...but sometimes it's a good thing. And I do love the changing seasons!

  8. I'm a 'mixed up bag'..I like change in some areas but not in others. Sometimes God has to shake me up a bit to get ready for another change.


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