Monday, August 4, 2008


We've had a busy weekend celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary.
We've had friends and relatives over for the past few days,
and along with the celebrations, we've all enjoyed catching up.
In a day, when marriages are not highly prioritized,
it's great to celebrate together with Werner & Frieda,
They have shown the younger generation, that
commitment is worth it, through thick and thin.
Many stories were related about this wonderful couple.
We had many good laughs.
They have left a legacy for all of us for along time to come.
They have lived the faith and talked the walk,
Not only in their family, but their church and community.

They just built themselves a new home.
They both have a heart for hospitality.
They have shown that over and over and over.
Sunday afternoon we all enjoyed a beautiful sunny day
celebrating and catching up with many friends and relatives.

It was late into the evening hours when we were still
sitting on their back yard enjoying the sunset
and making a final toast to
this beautiful bride and groom of 50 years.
May you both have many more years of health.
This family knows how to celebrate and give the glory to God.
Thank you Werner and Frieda for your on-going friendship and support.

Yesterday, we took out of town relatives to to Krause's Berry Farm.
The yard was packed and lined with cars for about 2 km.
People were obviously using our Provincial Holiday (BC Day)
to enjoy the warm sunny weather and pick those fresh berries.

Now, that's a Pie.
I can't pride myself with this recipe,
but check it out at Krause's Berry Farm.
Treat yourself to the Fraser Valley's best berry pies.
Homemade with a custard and heaped to the top with fresh berries.
Add your glaze and some ice-cream and there's your supper.
Drool over this while I take a few days off from bloggy land
to enjoy the warms sunny beaches of BC's interior.


  1. I'm really dating myself, because I remember the wedding of Werner and Frieda. It sounds like a wonderful 50th celebration...and we are off to one of those this weekend. You are right...a marriage of that length in this day and age is worth celebrating!

    Enjoy your week!

  2. Beautiful new home! Congratulations to your friends!

  3. Ah .. what a gorgeous house. . many blessings to your friends.

    I can't believe we are knowing people who are not our parents or our parents friends who are celebrating those kinds of anniversaries. . how crazy.

    Have fun in the sun.

  4. I just love celebrations ~ and this is a biggie! Congrats to your friends - and hope you relax while at the beach. My oldest daughter is on her way to BC next week to attend a friend's wedding - it is a small world!

  5. 50 years together, what a blessing. that really is a testiment to all of us still hopeing to reach the fifty.
    enjoy your next few days off at the beach.

  6. What a wonderful blessing to have such and enduring marriage.

    There you go showing me yummy food again. Do you think it would be too weird to lick my computer screen?

  7. What a wonderful celebration!

    My parents in law will celebrate 56 years in Dec.

    Enjoy your sunny weather - ours has been on the rainy side the last week or so. It's a little hard on this beach girl.

  8. What a wonderful wedding anniversary celebration! I hope my husband and I will celebrate 50 years -- we have 15 years more to go comwe Ocober.


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